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Cute Couples, Sexy Singles

Wesleying is in a relationship with Alex Wilkinson ’13 and it’s complicated:

Are your friends sexy and/or single? Either way, nominate them to be Sexy Singles or Cute
Couples for the upcoming Valentine’s Day issue of the Argus! Send your nominations to
argus(at)wesleyan(dot)edu by this Wednesday, February 9.

Unlocked Seeks Assistant Writing Editor

Since 2008, thanks to fondling founding fathers Yannick Bindert ’10 (right, not naked) and Ben Kuller ’10 (not right, also not naked),  Unlocked Magazine has been livening up the not-so-sexy world of Wesleyan publications with an unbridled glimpse at college sexuality. The popular sexzine, according to the Hartford Courant, “treads between artful and graphic.” (“‘This is not your sketchy uncle’s wank rag,’ the editorial board warned in the debut issue.”) It even made the local news that one time (and yeah, of course there was the obligatory Gawker-has-some-weird-grudge-against-Wesleyan-and-no-one-really-knows-or-cares-why post).

But I still think Wesleying’s Adam summed it up best, noting that Unlocked really just “falls into the category of ‘another student magazine that focuses on things students like to do’ . . . in this case, each other.”

Its founders have graduated (PSYCHE), and Gawker’s editors have apparently moved on with their lives, but Unlocked’s still going strong—and seeking a writing-savvy (and preferably not genophobic) underclassman to take on the role of Assistant Writing Editor. Details after the jump, via Elizabeth S. ’12:

Halloween Costume Roundup (via Method)

Don’t miss Method Magazine’s fantastic roundup of this season’s funniest, cleverest, and most creative Halloween costumes at Wes.  Method writes:

I stand firmly by the belief that the creation of a true Halloween costume is an art. Like other forms of creative expression, the costume maker seeks to constantly push the boundaries of what it means to be ‘a costume,’ making the viewer question themselves, the world around them, and whether they have had too much to drink that night or if they are, in fact, looking at a person who is dressed as a fiesta.

Don’t miss the hand-crafted Four Loko costume masterpiece—if that’s not art, I seriously don’t know what is. Also, submit your own sorely neglected faves to methodmagazine(at)gmail.com.

Method Magazine Meeting

Christian Bachrach ’13 rights inn:

Method Magazine will be holding its first meeting this Wednesday night. This is an open meeting for anyone wishing to contribute to the blog or Spring publication. We are looking for new writers, photographers, graphic designers, etc. Method Magazine wants you, so bring a friend. [Editors’ note: Apparently they want you—and your friend? Clarification possible, though not guaranteed, when you go to the meeting.]

  • Date: Wednesday, September 22
  • Time: 9:00 PM
  • Place: PAC (the artist formerly known as Harriman Hall) 002