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Unofficial Orientation Series 2017: Wes Music Scene

This is an update of Maya‘s update of their post from 2015. Q wrote about this in 2013 and 2014. Some things have changed, but the scene here is still ‘unique, zealous, and sweaty.’

Delilah Seligman '16, Chris Sailor '16, Daniel Pope '16, and Harim Jung '16 performing at Middle House as Evil Deceiver, 5/4/2016

Delilah Seligman ’16, Chris Sailor ’16, Daniel Pope ’16, and Harim Jung ’16 performing at Middle House as Evil Deceiver, 5/4/2016

This is part of our 2017 Unofficial Orientation Series. A quick reminder that you can check out the welcome post here and past years’ series here.

The more I talk to college kids at other schools, the more I realize how much the music scene at Wesleyan sets itself apart. Though we have them, we are not confined to house parties and bars — there’s music nearly every day, all week. Often, there’s so much music that you can’t possibly go to it all, but you try anyway.

Once things get going, there are 3-5 concerts every weekend, sometimes even multiple shows a night. I’ve seen more bands than I have the energy to count with more variety than I can quantify simply  by wandering around at Wesleyan on a given weekend. The folks who book shows at Wesleyan work very hard to bring in all kinds of groups, well-known or just emerging, from punk to dance, and usually put one or two solid student bands on the list.

Many student bands have gone on to greater things, like Overcoats, Heems (Himanshu Suri ’07) of Das Racist (Suri and Victor Vasquez ’06), Novelty Daughter, Amanda Palmer ’98the Rooks, Henry Hall ’14 of Grand Cousin (RIP), AND MORE.

Seriously. It’s very special. What’s even better is that 95% of this stuff is totally free.

2017 update: “In the past year, there have been a few new regulations placed on the student-run concert scene by ResLife and others. The process by which these regulations were implemented has led a number of student musicians into action and frustration. There are still a large number of students who are committed to the music scene on campus and its survival, but I think it’s important that we tell some of the stories that have really made an impact on the music scene.”

Do you have questions like “How do I find out what’s going on?” or “How do I find people to play music with?” or “Where can I go to concerts?”, this is the post for you.

Ishmael: The Psi-U Files

Frippian Euphoric Post-Funk Survives “Bureaucratic Bullshit”

“You can’t evict an idea.” So read one of the picket signs at Thursday’s protest (with more colorful lettering, I’ll concede), and that seems a fairly accurate summation of last night’s Eclectic/Psi U Ishmael Progrockstravaganza. When Ishmael‘s long-awaited homecoming with An Assortment of Crayons at Eclectic was cancelled at the last minute due to “bureaucratic bullshit” (disclaimer: I have no idea what went down), Psi U warmly invited the band onto the bill of its charity concert (disclaimer: I have no idea what went down). What survived was a thoroughly reinvigorating 45 minutes of proggy interplay, epic vocal acrobatics, twisted time signatures, and well-honed fuzz explosions. They don’t play at Wes too often these days (Earth House in September, MuHo last spring), but when they do, it’s really a delight. (“Lets still fuck this shit up!” indeed.)

As always, Ishmael is Jordan Lewis ’13, Andy Werle ’12, Nick Otte, and Aaron Silberstein. Photos of the set appear below. Additionally, the band is playing Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory on Saturday the 26th (that’s next week) and assures us that a release of sorts is soon to come. (Additionally additionally, if anyone has visual, aural, or verbal testimonies of the other bands who performed on the Psi-U bill [sadly, I don’t], cordially fill out our Comment Release Form below or write us at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org.)