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Photo Evidence: Bones Complex, Wes Cardinal @ Senior Barbecue

 No, we didn’t snag video proof of Dean Brown belting out “White Rabbit” and “Be My Baby” at Saturday’s Senior Barbecue, but here’s a pretty close estimation.

The Senior Barbecue ensued as planned in the Fountain/Pine backyards, with grilled chicken, smiles, and bright orange wristbands for all. Also, there was a raffle. Congratulations to whoever won that cool thing. Scroll on for photo coverage of a performance by Bones Complex (following closely on their performance at The Mash last week) and general shenanigans by Wes Cardinal ’13, who frolicked boisterously around the green and then got brutally attacked by “Big Willie Style” Feinstein ’13. Images by me and Goatmilk.

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BandCampWes: Bamenda—Because Dema Doesn’t Do Enough Music Already

“I made the tracks by myself, and I did it because I always need to be working on something musical.”

Wesleying’s own Dema Paxton Fofang ’13—also known as Fofang, also known as Dema, also known as The Big DPF—has released a new EP of his homespun laptoppy electro-pop. Yes, Dema is also in Lioness (the Artist Formerly Known as Friendsome), Treasure Island, and the Weezer cover band. Yes, he recently completed 14 pull-ups. No, this isn’t another Lioness post.

Dema first launched Bamenda, a solo electronic project, last April, when he dropped two tracks: “Contact” (featuring production and mastering by sometimes-bandmate Ethan Young ’13) and “Distance.” Using his Macbook and an apogee audio interface, Dema spent much of the summer recording two follow-up tracks: “Secrets,” a winding synth-pop track that culls from a grab bag of ’80s Casio tones, and “Medicine,” a moodier (and lengthier) showcase of thick synth pads and reverb-heavy vocal tracks.

Dema explained the project in a bit more detail via email: 

“A Call For Meaningful Songs,” from Sulsky ’13

Zack Sulsky ’13 sends in a note about an intriguing songwriting project with a call for submissions. Protest singers, take note:

I am seeking submissions for a new album of original songs about meaningful things. Each songwriter who submits a recording will be asked to choose a charity that they would like their songs to fund. It is my hope that the songs themselves will relate to these charities, so we can contribute not only money, but also serious thought and discourse to the issues that we, the songwriters, care about.

The album will be released in early September, so songwriters have until the end of August to submit songs. Please contact me (zsulsky@wes) if you have any interest in participating. I am looking forward to hearing what this talented community of musicians comes up with.

Contact: zsulsky(at)wesleyan(dot)edu
Deadline: August 31, 2012