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Will Feinstein Makes Lioness Perform Athletic Task, Films It

“I think the setup is: ‘Laugh at Lioness While Lioness Frailly Tries to do This Physical Task'”

Trill Feinstein ’13 is bored (well, you can’t be a rap sensation 24/7), so he’s speed-editing outtakes from Wes Pacific (you know, that web series he created?) and popping them out like chickens. Think of it like Wes Pacific’s special features. These are the deleted scenes. And they’re about to make your Wessickness much, much worse.

In the first segment, Feinstein treks into Lionessrise, otherwise known as LoRise A5, and challenges challenges the burly, well-toned fitness freaks of Lioness to a chin-up contest. “We’re basically proving that we are all very unathletic, skinny people,” observes percussive demon John Snyder ’12, who went on to win seven Oscars for his performance. The clip features an introduction by Future Islands shortly before their April performance with Cloud Nothings; according to Feinstein, a full interview is forthcoming, which is pretty awesome news.

Wes Pacific, Episode Three: On Hondas, Fashion, Tipping, and More Hondas

“I bought Challah for Hunger. Cuz, like, I’m the hungry one.”

Cast your memory back—way back—to before Postponed became Wesleyan’s web series du jour. Remember when Will “Trill-F” Feinstein ’13 followed A-Batte around campus with a stick of chalk? Remember when he tried to explain the pun “Wes Pacific” to visiting professor Amanda Palmer ’98 (and received only a blank stare in return)? Remember when he filmed Claire Dougherty ’13 giving “claircuts” and Adam Rotstein ’13 being Adam Rotstein ’13 and me getting a flu shot? Remember Wes Pacific?

The slice-of-life-style web series is back with a new episode. One of its best segments consists of interviews with a bunch of hungry students waiting for cafeteria bread during the blackout, if that gives you any indication of chronology. The blackout! Remember the blackout??

At any rate, Feinstein’s Wes Pacific isn’t much like Postponed at all—if that show aims for a parody of life after graduation, Wes Pacific offers a reasonably accurate glimpse into why you shouldn’t leave Wesleyan in the first place. (That was a terrible sentence.) As I wrote back in, err, September, “it’s the first Wes web series that holds a legitimate claim to life at Wes, because that’s literally all it is”—namely, Will trekking around campus, shoving a camera in all the right places, and letting people talk. Why invent characters when they’re all around you?

Wes Pacific, Episode Two: “Why The Huge Pause?”

“It sure as hell wasn’t, like, tabouleh. Cuz you don’t need the stove to cook tabouleh.”

And we’re back.

Back from the four-day weekend colloquially known as “Fall Break,” and back with a new episode of Wes Pacific, the critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated webseries brainchild of Will Feinstein ’13. This time around, Will gets a flu shot (check it out, Will’s mom), Sexty-Five Pearl gets a closeup (still going strong), literally all of High Rise gets a rude 2:40 AM awakening, and Bobby Burvant ’13 and Adam “Rot-Bot” Rotstein ’13 get “Clairecuts.” Rot-Bot also tells a joke about a bear, and Hector knows “Monster” really well. All in a day’s work! (Dylan and Derek, take note.)

Watch the episode above or on YouTube, like Wes Pacific on Facebook, and check the first episode here. Next episode (probably) coming (maybe) soon (I think?).

PS: great news. It feels like Monday, but it’s actually Wednesday!

Dylan and Derek Watch Wes Pacific

Last week I posted about Wes Pacific, a new web series by Will Feinstein ’13, and the explosion of Wesleyan-based web series over the past two years. Naturally, the cycle is far from complete.

Derek Frank ’15 and Dylan Awalt-Conley ’15 write in about a new video project yearning to get off the ground: Dylan and Derek Watch Wes Pacific, which mostly consists of Derek and Dylan watching Wes Pacific while eating Tostitos tortilla chips in what appears to be a Butts single. You’ve been warned.

Worth noting: YouTube videos of people watching YouTube videos have a long and storied, if admittedly baffling, history at this point, dating back as least to when the Roots sat down in front of 2 Girls 1 Cup. More recently, I came across the ‘tube channel of one Martin Kohout, a somber-faced German artist who has uploaded no less than 817 videos of himself watching other prominent YouTube videos. Below you’ll see Kohout’s reaction to Tyler the Creator’s “Yonkers” video.

Wes Pacific Makes Wes Debut

Amanda Palmer: “You know what’s amazingly meta about your incredibly confusing pun title? That it’s not specific.”

Remember when Wesleyan web series were all the rage? I do.

There was Enrolled—the first—in 2009, a college sitcom-style series written by Chris Correa ’10, Robby Hardesty ’11, and Josh Margolin ’11 and revolving around the lives of a group of friends at Wesleyan. Then Wannabes the following semester, a mockumentary-style show by Garth Taylor ’12, whose plot I seem to remember involving aspiring Wesleyan arts performers. There was The Internationals a year later, a Michael Steves ’13 production “about the freshman year of a hall of international students” . . .  closely followed by Laugh Track, also by Garth Taylor ’12, a painfully meta series about a group of college comedy writers writing sketches for their online series.

And now for something completely different (actually): Wes Pacific, a Will Feinstein ’13 production, makes its Wesleyan debut.