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Wes Thinks Bigger and Bigger

Screen Shot 2013-11-22 at 8.38.28 PMI went (in person) to my second Wes Thinks Big this past Wednesday and the atmosphere was great for learning while not doing homework. The turnout of the audience and the excitement of students elevated the event to a much higher level than it would have been had it been in a different venue or with less people. Everyone was really excited to be there which, as Andrea Roberts pointed out during her talk, is interesting because we’re (allegedly) rarely as excited to go class. On to the highlights:

  • Sarah Mahurin from the African-American Studies and English Department started off the evening with a talk on “What We Talk About When We Talk About Clothes.” She’s my advisor so full disclosure, if you’re looking at the video and you hear an audible yelp when asks the question “Well, what’s a bro?” it’s probably mine. The talk was essentially about “selective feminism” and how our conversations about people’s clothing are really conversations about gender expectations, class consciousness, and respectability politics. Memorable quotes include “You know you’re talking to a professor when they ask you if you can define your offensive term more clearly for me?” and “Sometimes thinking big means talking less.”

Wes Thinks Big Livestream

A livestream of Wes Thinks Big, courtesy of WesPregame

If you couldn’t make it to the Chapel for Wes Thinks Big, here is the livestream of the event (from 8-9:30 p.m.) courtesy of Wes PreGame.

SARAH MAHURIN (African American Studies & English): “What We Talk About When We Talk About Clothes”
MEREDITH HUGHES (Astronomy): “Life in the Universe”
JONATHAN CUTLER (Sociology): “What’s Left? An Unrequited Politics of Pleasure”
ANDREA ROBERTS (Chemistry): “Jury Duty, Stem Cells and Global Warming: The Importance of a Science in the Liberal Arts Education”
TUSHAR IRANI (Philosophy & COL): “The Value of Learning”

Wesleyan Thinks BIG: Fall 2013

1395324_10202528092544046_1658586194_nThe excitable Wayne Ng ’16, folks:


5 professors will each give a ten-minute lecture on an idea that keeps them up at night, inspiring us to think bigger and better than ever before. So Wesleyan, are you ready to think BIG this semester?

Tickets for this event are FREE and are being distributed through the Box Office NOW! Tickets have gone quickly in the past, so snap ’em up. This event is open to the Middletown, alumni, and parent communities.
2 TICKETS PER PERSON – get one for your friend, roomie, mom, dad, estranged relative, pet rock, etc.!!!

SARAH MAHURIN (English): “What We Talk About When We Talk About Clothes”
MEREDITH HUGHES (Astronomy): “Life in the Universe”
JONATHAN CUTLER (Sociology): “What’s Left? An Unrequited Politics of Pleasure”
ANDREA ROBERTS (Chemistry): “Jury Duty, Stem Cells and Global Warming: The Importance of a Science in the Liberal Arts Education”
TUSHAR IRANI (COL): “The Value of Learning”

WHERE: Memorial Chapel (and a post-game reception with food in Zelnick)
DATE: Wednesday, November 20th
TIME: 8-9:30PM
COST: Free hundred dollars.

Relive the Wesleyan Thinks Big Magic!

Hey Wesleyan,

For anyone of the sad souls who were unfortunate enough to have missed this spring’s Wesleyan Thinks Big event or thought that the liveblog (or lack there of – sorry, the chapel wifi was and still is super spotty) and the awesome Argus article was just not enough, here’s your chance to relive the WTB experience!

Wesleyan Thinks Big is basically a magical extravaganza of Ted Talks meets your favorite professors meets all the kittens, sloths, and babies in the world. The event happens every semester, so make sure you go next fall. Professor Gil Skillman (who spoke during the event last fall) returned to emcee this spring.

The videos from the event have recently been processed and uploaded onto Youtube by WesPregame (Thanks IMS, youdabest!). Here is the playlist to all five videos!

The individual videos and some information about each talk and the speaking professor will be located after the jump.

Liveblog: Wes Thinks Big (!)

For you cool kids on campus who haven’t heard, Wesleyan Thinks Big, a Ted talk meets a magical bundle of hope and wonder, is happening tonight. If you can’t be at the actual event, fear not. There is a screening in PAC 001 at the same time (8pm) and you can even get the event livestream from the comfort of your own dorm room or first floor Usdan couch.

We, the trusty crazed internet fanatics bloggers of Wesleying, will also be liveblogging away in the chapel.

Read after the jump to hear our commentary on these professors’ commentary. 

Wesleyan Thinks Big

Wes Thinks Big

Don’t forget to pick up your tickets for the Wes Thinks Big event today (3/27) and tomorrow (3/28) at Usdan during lunch 11AM-1PM or dinner 6PM-8PM..

From Hannah Vogel ’13:

WESLEYAN THINKS BIG IS UPON US! Five of Wesleyan’s most exciting professors can’t wait to blow your minds with their favorite topics. Each professor gives a ten-minute lecture on an idea that keeps them up at night, inspiring us to think bigger and better than ever before. Reserved tickets will be available for pick-up at Usdan Wednesday lunch and dinner and Thursday at lunch and at the event. If you didn’t get a chance to get a ticket, please come to Memorial Chapel at 7:30PM; we’ve never had an issue with people getting in since MemChap seats 500. This event is open to the Middletown, alumni, and parent communities, so tell your moms/dads/friends/etc. to come along! ITS is helping us do a real, functional livestream so check out website for the embedded video during the event… fingers crossed.
Official lineup:
Paula Matthusen: “Sounds in Remembered Spaces”
Jeff Rider: “The Importance of Old Stories”
Balu Balasubrahmaniyan: “‘Periyar’: E.V.Ramasamy and Social Activism in India”
Jacob Bricca: “Cinema Verité and the Reality Infection”
Vera Schwarz: “A Jewish Wanderer Listening for the Unsayable in China”
With emcee Gil Skillman on the ones and twos

Now Online: Wesleyan Thinks BIG

From the TipBox:

Were you were one of the sad WesKids who had to miss this rockin’ evening of lectures? Do you just want to relive the magic of WesThinks Big again and again? You’re in luck!

Thanks to Max Nussenbaum ’12 and Ofer Levy ’12, you can now watch videos of the presentations online.  Each video is about ten minutes long, except for that of good ol’ Jeanine, whose take on time limits is “I’m not going to pay any attention to you darling, forget it.  I’ve been to the Oscars, I know what to do.”

It’s an entertaining and enlightening journey from the cosmos to the classroom, hitting many critical issues along the way.  Definitely check it out if you haven’t already.