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The Hangover Special with Ed Thorndike ‘89

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It’s no secret that Wes Wings is a Wesleyan institution. You might be familiar with ‘Swings because of the arduous pilgrimage you embark on to pick up a Breakfast Pail at Sunday brunch, that time you split an order of 24 wings, or even because of the restaurant’s mastery of social media. It is clear that co-owner Ed Thorndike ’89’s restaurant has left a lasting impression on the Wesleyan community.

On my own visit to Wes as a prefosh back in October 2013, my host, Eli Maskin ’17, had to make the crucial decision of where to take me to dinner. He would essentially define the first impression of Wesleyan for someone pampered by his Jewish mother’s home cooked meals. Of course, we headed to Wes Wings and split an almost unhealthy amount of wings doused in hot sauce and blue cheese. While I probably should have been more concerned with our school’s academic or social reputation, after that initial ‘Swings food orgy, Wesleyan had me sold.

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When Thorndike spoke about how Wes Wings came to fruition, he reminisced on how post-grad struggles with work and relationships coincidentally, and humorously, brought him back to Wesleyan.