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So, in “holy shit, I am becoming ancient” news, the class of 2022 Regular Decision…decisions…were sent out on Saturday. This means that the frosh are slightly not frosh anymore-ish, and there will be an influx of doe-eyed prefrosh entering campus soon enough.

I took some time to meander over to the good ‘ol College Confidential, and it seems like there are some impressive SAT scores being accepted to Wesleyan. Not like they really matter. Screams in social constructs and racism and classism of standardized testing. Here’s the WesAdmissions adorable welcome post in case you missed it:

Students Honor Climate Change Victims, Hope for Change

Disclaimer: The writer of this post is not affiliated with Wes, Divest! The opinions expressed in this post are hir own.

On Friday evening, about forty students gathered in the Exley lobby for a vigil in conjunction with Global Divestment Day, a worldwide event aimed at drawing attention to the destructive nature of the fossil fuel industry. Following other events related to Global Divestment Day, including a banner drop at Usdan and a Climate Shabbat at the Bayit, the vigil, hosted by Wes, Divest!, was held not as a political statement again fossil fuels, but to commemorate the many victims of climate change.

This Is Why Professor Mahurin Must Stay At Wesleyan


I worried last semester about whether I would have the opportunity to take a course in the spring with Professor Sarah Mahurin. The last class I took with her was the highlight of my semester; I didn’t want to miss my chance this year before she leaves for Bard College. When I got back to campus, the first place I saw Professor Mahurin was not in class, but in the Freeman Athletic Center. It was Saturday and she had watched a track meet, the women’s basketball game, and the men’s basketball game. Her dedication to her former and current students, both inside and outside the classroom, is what makes Professor Mahurin a cut above what we expect from our teachers. She has certainly shaped my college experience and, I know, the experience of many others. My Wesleyan would not exist without her. #ThisIsWhy Wesleyan must keep Professor Mahurin on faculty. Melody Oliphant ’13 (perhaps known better here as Melodious) has written a beautiful testimony to Professor Mahurin’s work, which better explains how she has contributed to our University and why she is such an integral part of campus.  Please read, share, and sign our petition.  Below is Oliphant’s  account:

Follow-up: Weird Wesleyan?

360268455_d39790574dIn fall 2006, in reaction to a series of crackdowns including the painting over of the Butts tunnels, relocation of the Halloween party from Eclectic, and the infamous chalking ban, and concern over the loss of Weskids’ “counter-cultural edge“, a Facebook group sprung up calling for students to Keep Wesleyan Weird. Here’s Roth’s statement from back in the day on the subject (for inspiration, ya know?). You may have– like me– first heard mention of the student-led “Keep Wesleyan Weird” campaign in Margot Boyer-Dry ’11‘s Senior Class Welcome. Since then, I’ve been a-wonderin: Have we been keeping it weird?
First off, a submission that gets right to the point:

Weird is a social construct. –Anon ’14

You weren’t the only one questioning what it is to be weird, Anon ’14.

as a freshman i entered a nics 6 bathroom and saw a large quantity of human hair in the trashcan, arranged in such a way that it looked like it could have still been attached to a head… i really cautiously pulled on a lock of the hair. to my relief, it was not attached to anything. i was really high when this happened, and maybe objectively it’s not that weird, but weirdness is in the eye of the beholder. –Anon ’13

You may even have a preference of weirdness.

I prefer the everyday acts of weirdness done not to create a spectacle but with genuine purpose, like the group of bros currently practicing some sort of interpretive dance routine outside of Usdan … I admire their devotion and total lack of embarrassment. You do you, bro dancers.–Ella Dawson ’14

Weird is a social construct? Obvs. Only, I daresay Wesleyan’s construction of weirdness differs from Amherst’s. If I learned one thing from this write-in, it’s that Wesleyan’s out-of-the-ordinary happenings and simultaneous criticism is exactly what makes Wesleyan “weird”.  There’s something about these unusual or inexplicable happenings that captivates Wesleyan’s students and fans.

After the jump– the rest of your submissions! (seriously, you want to read them)

Orkinpod Drops New Album, Reveals Secret Identity

“You may find me and my guitar in some unexpected places!”

About a year ago we posted two anonymously produced Mystery LPs by Wes artists, including a self-titled release by one mysterious Orkinpod, which A-Batte described as “definitely not your everyday Brian Wilson tribute.” As for who exactly is behind Orkinpod’s fractured psychedelic pop: “Nothing like a little mystery,” the unnamed artist declared.

Until now. Orkinpod has recently revealed himself to be Wesleyan senior and famed Argus comics editor BJ Lillis ’12, who performs all the parts and records much of the music in his bed and shower at his home in Sleepy Hollow, NY. Lillis is back with his sophomore release, Boardwalking, complete with more light guitar fuzz, colorful acoustic pop, and Beach Boys harmonies and available for free download at Bandcamp. Highlights include the sunny “Waking Up in the Afternoon,” quietly gorgeous “Waltz of the Jellyfish,” and a weirdly seductive interpretation of Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”

Click past the jump for a few audio samples and a brief interview with Orkinpod. Also, stay tuned for possible impromptu Orkinpod campus performances.