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Major Exposure: Darl Ferm ’12 of Speedy Ortiz Talks About Band’s Recent Success

Darl Ferm ’12, second to the right in the hat,
called his band’s new exposure a “surreal experience.”


When new bands emerge, press coverage revolves around two major aspects: the recorded music, and the live show. Nailing one will get you talked about; both, and you’re the new rising stars. Speedy Ortiz, coming out of Northampton, Mass. and featuring Darl Ferm ’12 on bass, have been hailed as funny, sharp, and explosive by blogs, magazines, and newspapers galore, gaining praise equally for their concerts and their debut full-length, Major Arcana. They are “best new music,” “best new artists,” and pretty much best new everything else you can think of.

Although most publications talk about the rock band’s witty and outspoken front woman Sadie Dupois, Speedy Ortiz’s lo-fi but finely constructed ’90s-esque sound stems just as much from the extra guitar, drums, and bass piled on top of each other. Darl Ferm ’12, a film studies major at Wesleyan, is the most recent addition to the band. He spoke to me about the recent success and popularity of Speedy Ortiz, how Wesleyan makes it difficult to be in a band, and his own personal influences and musical contributions. Oh, and Speedy Ortiz wants to play a show at Eclectic this fall, so somebody should make that happen.

Teenage Cool Kids, DIVE, and Third Wheel @ Eclectic

After the dust of Awesomefest has settled and another thirty-odd avant-wtf student band projects have come and gone (are you in one of them? me too), reflect on this: some of those bands may stick around for a few months or a year. Some of them may reemerge on fantastic billings like this one, where Third Wheel (Adrien DeFontaine ’13, Molly Balsam ’14, John Snyder ’12: get it?) gets the esteemed pleasure of opening for some of Texas and Brooklyn’s respective finest, Teenage Cool Kids and Dive. Wesleying’s 2012 concert series continues with this excellent freeby:

Come to Eclectic this Saturday to see some up and coming rock bands hailing from Texas and Brooklyn. And your friends, too.

Headlining this show will be Teenage Cool Kids, all from Denton, Texas. They also [expletive removed] rule.

DIVE is the new side project from Z. Cole Smith, the guitarist from the hazy, lo-fi Brooklyn band Beach Fossils. DIVE, also a four-piece from Brooklyn, could be described with those adjectives, but Cole trades a carefree vibe for a more dreary one with his new band, yet keeps a similar hazy, lo-fi quality. DIVE’s downbeat, darker sound is the result of Cole’s solitary summer in which he surrounded himself with the likes of Nirvana, Faust, and Lucinda Williams, but dreams of things like aliens and spirits. And somehow, this is what he ended up with.