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Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Wes Lingo

So, I’m not here to be your damn tour guide. Mainly because the Admissions Office rejected my application during sophomore year. Bitter, table for one. Seriously, if you want a tour to learn the names of buildings, get at tour guide extraordinaire, Hannah Vogel ’13. No jokes. I am here, though, to tell you about the hip lingo around The Tech. If you need help with buildings and campus locations or you just generally like A-Batte better than me, see his post from last year.

The first thing that you need to know is that it’s generally considered socially acceptable to add Wes in front of everything (e.g., Weshop). If you haven’t noticed already, it makes this adorably amusing double entendre. In that example, Weshop is where we shop. And sometimes it makes truly hilarious combinations (e.g., WesCrew). Take a minute. However, there is the occasional trainwreck, where the combination is so grating, and yet we soldier through to continue the Wes tradition (e.g., Espwesso).

For this post, I initially turned to the ladies of 25B Fountain Ave. for help on what students are saying these days around campus. Then, I realized that I only had one, maybe two helpful housemates. (Sorry, y’all.) But, take comfort in knowing that I have consulted sources much cooler than I am. (Not like that’s hard, amiright?!) After the jump, you’ll find a list of terms that I suggest you make flashcards to learn. Then, carry them around on the lanyard that you will inevitably place around your neck in typical freshman year style for the first couple weeks. As an upperclassman, I’ve grown to appreciate that because it makes your shining new faces that much easier to identify, other than just spotting the freshmen pack mentality.