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WESCR1B$ STRIKES BACK: Peeping Tom Edition

Aaaaand we’re back, winding into routine after a strenuous few weeks of instant Netflix and unwritten cover letters. Last semester, Wesleying’s WESCR1B$ feature brought us deep into the state-of-the-art home-entertainment coliseum of the Command Center, the soft-light hominess of Ethan Young ’13’s Lo Rise A5, and the Ikea-style furnishing ingenuity of Elle Markell ’14’s Hewitt roomall without leaving the comfort of this here WordPress dashboard.

This round, things are getting a little more sinistwell, I’ll let 200 Church’s Sophia Massey ’15 speak for hirself. (Also, submit your room!)

WESCR1B$, Part Three: Hewitt Room

Our survey of your WESCR1B$ continues, and Elle Markell ’14 sends in pictures of her Hewitt room, where she efficiently and stylishly uses the room’s space. Elle also appears to own a really boss Frigidaire fridge (with a separate freezer compartment!). I highly recommend it! Elle writes: 

I put the bed on the floor and added a body pillow so that it could double as a couch. The balcony chairs and table are from Ikea, as are the lamps and the bedside table/crate. On the walls are various polaroids and other personal photographs, a Frank Lloyd Wright calendar, and a few band posters.

For WESCR1B$ room inspiration, click here, here, and/or here. Procrastinate (or efficiently schedule your time) by sending pics of your room, hovel, tipi, or couch and fun descriptions of them to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org!

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WESCR1B$, Part Two: Lo Rise A5

While you’re studying for finals and getting free vibrators, find some time to send us pictures of your WE$CR1B! If you call your room “The Command Center ;),” we want to see why!
Ethan Young ’13 sends in lovely pictures of his softly-lit Lo Rise apartment (the above picture is of the tastefully decorated and nicely rug-ed common room). 
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Young’s description of the upstairs (no need to be apologetic for the lighting, your room still looks cozy):

View with a Room: WESCR1B$

Do you decorate with ponies?

What does YOUR room say about YOU? We really want to see your rooms! There’s probably some cool stuff in them! Are you especially proud of the way you arranged furniture? Do you have nice tapestries? Is there a hammock on your balcony? Does your minimalist attitude inspire your eerily bare walls?  Send us pictures of them, please. The last time we did this, we saw rooms decked out with carpeting and wallpaper and faux-ethnic decor. Now that you’ve had a few months to settle in, we’d like to compile pictures of your rooms for other people to see!

This particular room belongs to a WestCo duct tape aficionado. The majority of wall art is made of duct tape. Weird and creative things are encouraged in this feature! Normal (which is still cool) things are encouraged too! We would love to see how our fellow Wespeople are living, without having to lurk outside your bedroom window.

Send pictures from Houses, Microhouses, Apartments, Dorm rooms, Occupy tents,  misc. shelters to  Staff(at)Wesleying(dot)org with some captions (or I might have to over analyze the juxtaposition of your Mad Men and The Adventures of Tintin posters).