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WesCycle Bike Generators Training, Recruitment and Free Smoothies

From the absolutely fabulous Katie “runs this school” McLaughlin ’15,

Are you interested in sustainable energy and exercise?
Wesleyan’s one and only bike generator group WesCycle is looking for members to join our team for tomorrow and beyond! If you want to learn a really incredible new skill, make some friends, and do some good for the world (and your thighs) this could be the student group you’ve been waiting for!
We will be powering a blender for delicious smoothies at the Feet to the Fire Riverfront Encounter event tomorrow from 12-5pm in Harbor Park. It should be a wonderful event with food, games, and music. We are actively recruiting new members to be trained to maintain the generators for next semester but also could really use some extra hands tomorrow.
If you are interested in helping out for any part of the Riverfront Encounter,  or if you are interested in helping out in the future but can’t make it tomorrow, please email kmclaughlin[at]wesleyan[dot]edu
Date: Just tomorrow or beyond!
Time: Event is 12-5pm but you can help for any period of time.
Place: Harbor Park near the CT river
Cost: Free smoothies!

WesCycle makes Smoothies

Katie McLaughlin ’15 writes in:

WesCycle, Wesleyan’s bike generators, is having our first training day! Come learn how to set up the bikes and we’ll use the energy we generate to BLEND DELICIOUS SMOOTHIES!

For more information about WesCycle, check out our webpage.

and like us on Facebook.

Date: Wednesday, September 25th
Time: 8:00PM – 9:00PM
Place: OUTHOUSE (132 high street)
Cost: Free

WesCycle Meeting and Training


Have you seen these cool generators? They harness the power of your legs peddling a bike to create electricity for great things like concerts or smoothie stands.  Wow! No more fossil fuels, no more cellulite and more music for all! WesCycle is the student group in charge of set up and maintenance of the bike generators.  There will be an interest meeting/ training this Sunday at 3:30 pm at the College of the Environment (284 High st.  Blue building).  We have a lot of upcoming events that will need volunteers to get involved.  So do it for the Earth, or at least do it so you get nice, strong bod. For more info contact Rachel Lindy ’15 (rlindy[at]wes) or Katy Hardt ’15 (khardt[at]wes).

Date: Sunday, April 14
Time: 3:30 p.m.
Place: College of the Environment