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Round-Up: A Look at Spring Flings Past

Fare thee well, O kegs!

As this year’s Spring Fling fast approaches, I found myself looking back at old Wesleying posts about Spring Flings past. It all started with this absurdity, which I stumbled upon earlier this year. With little else to do now that my thesis is turned in, I decided to dig deeper and see what other fun/ny stuff I could find!

Here is the resulting round-up of interesting/notable Spring Fling-related posts. (Zach already did a deep dive into past performers, so I’ll stick to silly/snarky/spends-too-much-time-on-the-internet content I dug up on the blog.) Read on after the jump to find out what’s going on in the picture above and more!

WesHistory: Buddhist House, or BuHo, or that really faraway happy place.

What you don’t really see is the driveway that’s baaallaaaaa.

I’ve been obsessed with Buddhist House for a while now. Looming enigmatically at the far edge of campus with its simple cream tone and gentle but quietly formidable facade, it’s one of those buildings that just begs for stories to be told (much like its cousin, the Addams Family building over at 202 Wash).

However, considering that I’m morally and spiritually against happy people, actually living in the house and thus being able to bask in all its glory on a constant basis is not an option for me. Stricken with such a deficiency, I am forced to find other ways of worshipping its beauty.

So I turned to the only reliable skill I possess: tapping up nice old ladies. More specifically, using their services in the Special Collections department over at Olin. After a couple of hours with my ass parked in that quiet old room (and it was a lovely quiet old room indeed), I think I’ve got it.

Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, the following fact-sheet is my declaration of love for the building that stands at 356 Washington Street, also known as the “Acheson-Armstrong House” (for reasons that will soon become clear).