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Bridge Tofu

I’m obsessed with the Bridge Tofu at Weshop. It’s so frikkin’ fresh because it’s made right here in Middletown. On Washington Street in a little tiny building across the street from Walgreen’s, you can peep in the windows and watch them make it!

And then they bring it to Weshop and I buy bricks and bricks of it.

It is soooo good with Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki sauce!

More Surprises at Weshop

So I was at WeShop the other night, doing one of my frequent regression runs (nilla wafers and apple juice), when I discovered something absurdly wonderful. MINI NILLA WAFERS. They’re just like the normal ones, except little. So you don’t get crumbs all over your shirt when you’re sprawled on the sofa stuffing them into your mouth and wondering why you can’t quit school and go work on a rice paddy.

They’re so small, they could even fit into this guy’s mouth.

Energy Drink Review: Hydrive Dragonfruit

Hydrive Dragonfruit – Xue reviewed the blue berry version of this a few days ago. At Weshop on Sunday she convinced me out of my regular Rockstar into buying this.

Poor decision! This sucked. You’d be better off breaking up a Vivarin into a bottle of Propel.

Why did it suck? Well for one thing, the flavor tasted like a really old orange that has been sitting in the back of a pantry for two weeks. Yeah, you ever eat one of those? I have.

Secondly, the “energy formula” left me feeling absolutely no different than before drinking it. Granted, I have developed a really bad energy drink habit over the summer to keep up with my jobs and my tolerance may be higher than most, but good God, if I had to suffer through the yuckiness, I should at least get some payback, don’t you think?

This gets **/**** And it only gets those 2 stars because its water (which you need to live) and the label is pretty.

Review: Aquafina Sparkling Berry Burst

When I saw this drink in Weshop, I shed a happy tear. My favorite Aquafina flavored water is now full of bubbles for greater enjoyment? Only in my wildest dreams did I dare think such a thing would come into being!
Basically, this tastes exactly like the Aquafina Raspberry flavored water, but bubbly. None of that meek little hint of berry in some so-called flavored waters that tickle the back of your throat and then is gone. This hits you over the head with fruity sweetness, no doubt with the help of the old chap, aspartame. I don’t care if it’s going to give me cancer, I frickin’ love aspartame, because if something’s going to claim to taste like fruit, I want to actually be able to taste it. That said, if you’re trying to give up soda or are a fan of flavored waters, give this a shot; It’s at least marginally better for you. You can also see that the bottle in the photo is empty because I couldn’t wait to get back to my room to try it. Mm.

Verdict: *****/*****

Review: Snapple Green Apple White Tea

White tea is the new “it” ingredient–The new pomegranate, if you will–and with this series of drinks, Snapple jumped on the white tea bandwagon. Admittedly, I am somewhat of a tea purist: I have a giant tin box in my room filled with different kinds of tea (loose leaf, of course), carefully partitioned and labeled in English and Chinese. I can’t even read Chinese, but I write the Chinese names anyways because it just makes me feel better to have them there. That said, this is more liquid sugar than tea and I hesitate to even call it “tea”, but I don’t give a shit because it’s so damn delicious. It’s ridiculously sweet but surprisingly doesn’t leave your mouth feeling dry and sticky like Snapple’s regular drinks often do. In fact, I find it quite refreshing. The apple flavor is extremely pronounced–You can barely taste the tea, which might be good for people unused to the astringency of regular tea. This is definitely a drink for the soda crowd, but it’s a great one.

Verdict: *****/*****

Review: Hydrive Açai Berry

How cool is this bottle? Looks like they took a hint from Metromint.

First of all, this isn’t carbonated, which makes it taste sort of like a cheap flat fruit-flavored soda. The taste is sour and unremarkable; I’m not sure what açai berries taste like, but I hope they don’t taste as artificial as this. The closest thing I can compare it to are blue Sweet-tart candies. And the flavor lingers in your mouth for a while, which may not be such a good thing–But it would make a great mixer with vodka. Hydrive is billed an energy drink (even comes with its own caffeine warning: “Not recommended for children, pregnant women or people sensitive to caffeine”), and as such, it ain’t that bad. Better than Monster, anyways. And it’s made with spring water, has only 25 calories and no high-fructose corn syrup, if you care about shit like that.

Caffeine-wise, Hydrive supposedly has 38% more caffeine than the “leading energy brand.” Assuming they mean Red Bull, that gives Hydrive around 110.5mg of caffeine: The equivalent of two Mountain Dews. Incidentally, I’m one of those “people sensitive to caffeine” the label warns about, so I’m feeling uncomfortably jittery right now, but I expect that most people won’t get this effect.

All in all, this isn’t bad, but I’ll stick to Sobe Adrenaline Rush.

Verdict: ***/***** (so-so.)

Review: Ben & Jerrry’s Chunky Monkey Milkshake

I had really high hopes for this new drink, because I generally love anything that’s flavored like banana, especially ice cream. However, I can’t enjoy the normal Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream because I have problems eating solid chocolate (makes me sick!), so I was really excited to see this milkshake.

Unfortunately, it was fucking AWFUL. It has the viscosity of brownie batter and tastes neither like banana or chocolate; In fact, it’s hard to tell what it tastes like, because it’s just so cloyingly sweet. I had a hard time finishing the bottle (which is the same size as a Starbucks bottled Frappucino) because after a while it was just like downing the sugary snot of some giant flu-ridden gingerbread man.

This drink might be better if it were partially frozen like a real milkshake, but the bottle says “DO NOT FREEZE ME,” so maybe that’s not a good idea. But neither was trying this thing in the first place.

Verdict: */***** (yech!)