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Hello Lil’ 2020 Prefrosh!


Hi so Regular Decision notifications went out today. This year, Wes set its record for the highest number of applications received, a 22% increase from last year. If you check the Wesleyan thread on College Confidential (yikes), not only will you be wondering why you are there, but you will also know that I’m not bullshitting you, the decisions are actually out.

And guess what! President Roth tweeted about it:

MEI to address Diversity and Inclusion on campus

Wesleyan Admissions

What Wesleyan Seems to Look Like to Admissions

An email from the office of President Roth this afternoon announced the creation of the Making Excellence Inclusive (MEI) initiative, “to further institutional diversity and inclusion.”  Here’s the first paragraph of that email:

We in the Wesleyan community have long understood diversity to be an educational asset.  I am proud to announce Making Excellence Inclusive, an initiative drawn from the American Association of Colleges and Universities.  This initiative is meant to assist us in identifying ways to further institutional inclusion: that is, to further the intentional engagement with diversity in ways that increase awareness and empathic understanding of differences that may divide us but that also may educate us. Many regard Wesleyan as a place of thoughtful diversity, a place at which differences are not merely tolerated but embraced. Others worry that we have developed a culture of political correctness that stifles dissent while pretending to celebrate cultural distinctiveness. It is time that we ask ourselves what diversity means for the curriculum, for co-curricular programs on campus, and for all the people who make up the Wesleyan community.

The overview on the new MEI site more clearly outlines its focus:

  1. ways in which students currently explore issues of difficult differences (such as racial, ethnic, and gender inequality, or continuing struggles around the globe for human rights, freedom, and power),
  2. engagement in learning communities such as the Wesleyan Diversity Education Facilitation Program (Wes DEF) and certain student fora,
  3. implementation of programs and networks that promote awareness of and engagement with diversity on campus.