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mabuhay poster 2016More things happening TODAY, this one from Vina Vo ’18:

Mabuhay is the annual Asian/Asian-American performance art show, happening during WesFest. This year, in collaboration with the Asian American Student Collective, there will be a visual arts showcase as well! Bring your prefrosh!!

Doors open at 7:45pm for early viewing of the visual arts showcase. Performance starts at 8pm.

Refreshments will be sold and all proceeds will go towards the Wesleyan Refugee Project supporting the Collateral Repair Project (CRP) in Jordan. Cash and Venmo accepted!

Date: Thursday, April 14 — TONIGHT
Time: 7:45-9:30 PM
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
facebook event

Amplifying Asian America Convocation

11081488_10205929271409278_5637003530596475940_nA very rad and important event sponsored by the Wesleyan AASC and Shakti:

For the FIRST time, Wesleyan Asian American Student Collective and Shakti is taking over April with AAPI Identity Month!! Join us for as we kick off “Amplifying Asian America” with Convocation Dinner THIS Sunday, April 5 with two student speakers and our special guest, Jenn Fang!

Freshmen-Class Speaker: Emily Murphy ’18
Senior-Class Speaker: Lynna Zhong ’15
Keynote Speaker: Jenn Fang

“Jenn is a proud Asian American feminist, scientist and nerd who currently blogs at http://reappropriate.co/, one of the web’s oldest AAPI feminist and race activist blogs. She has previously contributed her writing to Change.org, Asian Pacific Americans for Progress, Asian Americans for Obama, and The Nerds of Color. She can currently be found primarily at Reappropriate, as well as on Twitter at @Reappropriate.”

Starting off April 2015 with a bangggg! Come out, show support, invite your friends, eat noms noms noms

Peace, Justice, Love, Solidarity, Empower, Wesleyan. (that’s Lynna being corny & lamenting her last days until being a ‘real adult’)

Date: Sunday, April 5
Time: 6:30-8 PM
Place: Daniel Family Commons

FB event here!