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“Affirmative Action for the Rich”

A study at the Harvard Graduate School Education tells us what we already knew: having a legacy helps you get into college.  It might be a bigger advantage than you thought, though.

applicants to a parent’s alma mater had, on average, seven times the odds of admission of nonlegacy applicants. Those whose parents did graduate work there or who had a grandparent, sibling, uncle or aunt who attended the college were, by comparison, only twice as likely to be admitted. […]

Mr. Hurwitz said applicants with the highest SATs got the biggest legacy benefits.

Among the 30 colleges, the legacy advantage varied enormously: one college was more than 15 times as likely to accept legacy applicants, while at another, the effect was insignificant.

The researcher analyzed 2007 admission data for 133,236 applicants and results of the 61,962 who applied to more than one of 30 elite colleges.  He did not take into account whether the family had donated to the school or not, but was able to compare the admissions outcomes where the was a legacy versus where there was not.  The New York Times observes that “Given a table showing characteristics like high endowments and SAT scores and low acceptance rates, it seemed apparent that they are the members of the Consortium on Financing Higher Education, a group made up of the Ivy Leagues and two dozen other private research universities and liberal arts colleges.”  The consortium only actually has 31 schools, including Wesleyan, and the study uses 30.  Given how welcoming Wesleyan has been in the past in giving insight into the admissions process (one of the references is to Gatekeepers), we probably wouldn’t be far-fetched to assume Wesleyan was part of the study.  We can’t actually know for sure because the researcher promised to keep the data anonymous.

You can view the original article if you look for ScienceDirect in “Wesleyan University Library Indexes and Databases.”  If you’re off campus right now, you’ll have to log in there and use the Wesleyan proxy.


‘Something Wesleyan Would Send Out’

Most of us have, at some point or another, scrutinized the Admissions Office and the many things it does to attract vulnerable little high school students.  But it seems that the nature of Wesleyan admissions propaganda has become notorious.  In a Gawker blog post maintaining that, supposedly, the bloggers at Gawker aren’t jealous of those featured in a New York Times article about “The Rising Stars of Gossip Blogs,” Adrian Chen alludes to Wesleyan admissions materials:

So go tell all your friends our name is in the New York Times. Whatever. Did you see that hilarious picture, though? It’s like something Wesleyan would send out to high school juniors.

Take a look at the picture:

NYTimes Rising Stars of Gossip BlogsI don’t know.  Strike anyone as familiar?

Judging from the massive amounts of prefrosh drudging through campus tours with their colorful umbrellas over the past week, whatever we’re sending out to our high school juniors is working.

Admission 2010-2011 Senior Interviewers

The Admission Office is beginning the hiring process for 2010-2011 Senior Interviewer position.
This position has direct impact on leaving your legacy at Wesleyan and shaping who will be in the Freshman class.
The job includes:

  • interview prospective students
  • Co-lead information sessions
  • help with WesFest and other special events in Fall and Spring

For those interested in the position, there will be two open information sessions held at the Admission Office where they will go over details of the interview process and the job.
Current Senior Interviewers will be there to answer questions as well.

When: Wednesday, February 17th at 7pm OR Sunday, February 21st at 2pm
Where: Admission Office – McKelvey Room

Hey Frosh, Show Your Room To Pre-frosh!

Are you a frosh who lives in Fauver or Clark? Do you love your room? Do you get along with your roommate? If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, then sign up to show off your rooms to pre-frosh and their parents on their tour of campus! If you’ve got it, flaunt it.

Just click on the Link and then hit the **Frosh Click Here** button.

Why? It’s a great way to meet pre-frosh and their parents and convince them to come to Wesleyan. Also, you will get bonus points if you ever apply for a job at admissions!