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A Day in the Life of Das Racist

Director Morgan Spurlock’s (best known for Super Size Me) “A Day in the Life” Hulu series followed Das Racist (Victor Vazquez ’06, Himanshu Suri ’07) around for a day. Thanks, Hulu “A Day in the Life” series! Stuyvesant High School shout out at 3:22, Wesleyan shout out at 4:09 and 4:32. Highlight: meeting with composer Philip Glass for a Free Tibet concert at Carnegie Hall (10:48). This is a good watch if you have 25 minutes to spare.

Wes Alums Celebrate Beef(steaks) in NYC

Wes-Vegetarians and cow-sympathizers, it would serve you well to just skip this post altogether.

An anonymous tipster ‘?? brought to our attention the exploits of alums Andrew Dermont ’09 and Derek Silverman ’09, organizers of a recently revived Brooklyn tradition known as the “Beefstreak Banquet” in which large quantities of human beings (often Brooklyn-folk) gather in a relatively small and confining space, consume large amounts of beefsteak (and beer and bread, presumably), and engage in various acts of revelry and mayhem.

Chronicled in the New York Times a couple of days ago, Dermont also made a seemingly unprovoked reference to hipsters – possibly in response to the general milieu of Brooklyn:

Mr. Dermont, as he rushed about the Bell House [the location of the Banquet], instructing his staff to set out bowls of peanuts and to cut more slices of baguette, said there was “an undercurrent of simplicity” to the beefsteak. “Every hipster foodie in New York eats Pat LaFrieda beef,” he said, “but this isn’t an artisanal thing — it’s not a hip thing. It’s meant to be a good, straightforward time.”

You can check out the article here.

In other unrelated news, the weather outside is so foggy you’d swear Nature itself started early with the whole 4/20 business. Have a good day, folks!