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McConaughy Hall: A Physical End

Those of us on campus will notice a significant change to the Wesleyan landcape this year.  That cozy little nook behind Hewitt where MoCon once stood now gives way to a smooth, steep slope.  MoCon is gone.

Over on the Middletown Eye blog, Stephen Devoto has posted a video ode-to-McConaughy illustrating the demolition of MoCon from June 4th to September 6th of this year that’s really worth checking out.   The video, aptly set to “The Great Unknown” by Dar Williams ’89, is available here.  The full post is available here.

Also, here are some photos I took of ground zero earlier this week:

[nggallery id=14]

Today, the grass is finally starting to get green, even if in awkward patches.  It’s interesting to note that no classes remain on campus who have ever dined within MoCon‘s glass walls.  I’m going to be really corny here and say that MoCon lives on in spirit though because of the importance and remembrance alumni have ascribed to it.

Rest in Peace McConaughy Hall, 1962-2010

[Thanks Stephen Devoto for the tip & video]

Summerfields To Introduce New Eco-Friendly To-Go Containers


Starting this Monday, Summerfields will now offer eco-friendly reusable to-go containers. For only five points, students can buy into the keychain- container system and greatly reduce their environmental impact. Stop by Summerfields to sign up.

Jen Liebschutz ’11, WSA Dining Committee Chair, writes in explaining the initiative:

It’s a new program, brought to you by Bon Appetit and the WSA Dining Committee in conjunction with the Sustainability Committee that provides participating students with reusable to-go containers for taking out meals from Summerfields.

HOW DOES IT WORK? You will pay 5 points at Summerfields to participate and you’ll receive a keychain.  You can then trade in the keychain when you want to-go and you’ll get your meal in a clean reusable clamshell container. You later take the dirty container to Summerfields and receive a keychain in exchange. Bon Appetit washes the container, and the system continues.

WHERE? You may use the new containers only at Summerfields  (except during exam week, when the Usdan Marketplace will also accept them (during lunch only)).  The expansion of the program (to Usdan) next year will depend on the popularity and success of the program this year!

COST? Five points.  You will only have to pay once in your time at Wes (unless you lose or break your keychain or container) if you hold onto your keychain over the summer.  You can also give your keychain or container to someone else at any time.  Summerfields will begin charging 50 cents on disposable containers (the actual cost of them) starting Monday, so it makes financial sense to buy into this program!