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Entrepreneurship Studies 101 Pitch Fest


Full disclosure: This Wesleying writer also happens to be one of the hosts of this event, so that’s that.

From Alex Cantrell ’14 and Katya Sapozhnina ’16:

After a semester dissecting what it means to be an entrepreneur and developing our entrepreneurial skills, the student forum “Out of Theory, Into Practice: Entrepreneurship Studies 101” invites you to come to our final class and pitch fest to see what we’ve been cooking up.

Students will present their ideas to a panel of judges and will receive feedback shark-tank style. Let them awe you with their creativity and ambition, and come take part in the growing entrepreneurial community here at Wesleyan.

We hope to see you there! There will be light snacks and delicious mate tea.

What: Entrepreneurship Studies 101 final pitch fest
Where: Allbritton 113
When: 7pm sharp
Cost: none/free

EsleyanWay, for All Your Wes Merchandise Needs

Ed Thorndike ’89 and Karen Kaffen-Polascik, the entrepreneurs behind Weswings and Red & Black, have launched their latest venture: esleyanway.com, the “unofficial marketplace for everything Wesleyan”:

In esleyanway, you will find all kinds of products created by people associated with Wesleyan. In addition to books, apparel and DVDs, there are downloads and links of mp3s and videos. Many of them free. You can search the site by class year as well as by catagory.

We created esleyanway to help members of the Wesleyan community promote what they have created. While current licensing agreements limit the number of “Wesgear” items, we will be offering plenty of alternative items from local businesses, student groups and alumni.

So this is Amazon for Wesproducts, taking the branding of Wesleyan a pretty significant step up.

So far they’ve got all the obvious bases covered – among the available products are Weswings and Red & Black t-shirts, MGMT and Dar Williams CDs, Joss Whedon and Michael Bay DVDs, and books by Michael Roth and Mary Roach.

There’s also more random stuff like Brunami martial arts fight gear, from Brian Lichtenstein ’84.

The site’s layout could use some work, but it’s impressive that enough Wes-associated products exist to allow this venture – I doubt Amherst or Vassar could match this kind of merchandising.

Unigo.com: The Tell-All Guide to Colleges

Jordan Goldman ’04, the co-editor of “The Students’ Guide to Colleges” (which he started as a Wes freshman), has hit it big with Unigo.com, a free, student-generated guide to North American colleges for prospective students which is starting to give the likes of Princeton Review and U.S. News a run for their money.

He and his apparently very profitable start-up site are featured in this weekend’s NY Times Magazine, the College Issue:

Broke young college graduates with ideas for awesome new Web sites are about as thick on the ground as pigeons in New York City, but Jordan Goldman has a talent for getting noticed. Born and raised in Staten Island, he graduated from Wesleyan in 2004, spent two post-grad years in England and, upon his return to his native city, lived in 16 different sublets in the next two years. His own parents referred to him as the Wandering Jew. “I was ordering Chinese lunch specials and dividing them into three,” he remembered recently, “and that was my food for days. My mom thought I was nuts. She kept saying, ‘Get a job,’ and I’d say, ‘No, Ma, I have this idea.’ ”

…“For so long, the colleges have been able to have this stranglehold on the P.R. image of their school,” Goldman said recently in his office, decorated boy-workaholic-style with nothing but an open box of Frosted Flakes and a toy robotic dinosaur. “It’s just harder to look at them as the main source of information. If you’re a college student, you are as much of an expert on being a student at that college as anyone.”

Check out the site, it just might be a game-changer in the college process industry.

NY Times: The Tell-All Campus Tour

Spring Bling: Dance Party and Dance Showcase

When: Saturday, 10:30-2am
Where: PSI U
How: Tickets on sale at Usdan, $2 advance, $4 at the door
Who: Hosted by Impact, EON, Wesleyan Entrepreneurs

Because I know you can’t wait until Spring Fling…

Come on out Saturday night, forget about your papers, and dance your ass off. This is the most loaded night Wesleyan’s seen all semester.


Sweatshop Labor (Brooklyn)

Fusion (Debut performance!)

All proceeds are going to Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest microfinance institution, and will benefit the implementation of their solar lending initiative (providing solar panels to electrify the businesses of impoverished entrepreneurs).