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First WesBAM! Zumba Class Today

From WesBAM!’s Zumba instructor Emily Hunt ’13:

Do you have lots of energy? Do you love to dance? Do you want a good workout? Then come to WesBAM’s first ZUMBA class of the semester!!!

Zumba fuses Latin rhythms (Cumbia, Reggaeton, Merengue, and Salsa, e.g.) and easy-to-follow dance-esque routines to create a dynamic fitness/dance program that will tone and sculpt your body while you get a great cardiovascular workout. It’s extremely fun, and an incredible stress-reliever, and most importantly, it doesn’t feel like exercise! No dance experience necessary! Come join the super fun Brazilian inspired workout that combines cardio-blasting steps with some rad tunes. Burn some intense calories without even realizing it, and enjoy an awesome dance party with your friends!

Best of all, the first class is free!

  • Date: Today
  • Time: 6:30-7:30 pm
  • Place: Fayerweather Dance Room

Introducing WesBAM! (Fitness Instructors Needed)

Yogi extraordinaire Shira Engel ’14 writes in to announce that Wexercise is back this fall as WesBAM! (Wesleyan Body and Mind!). The new group aims to be more accessible, include more students, and cut the prices of classes in half:
WesBAM! is a student-run organization that makes mind-body awareness and fitness accessible at Wesleyan through offering classes in a wide variety of practices – yoga, kickboxing, spin, Zumba, and more. We believe these practices should be accessible to everyBODY and are committed to helping students incorporate them into the college lifestyle. While strengthening our bodies as we nurture our minds, we aim to create a community of fun and respect for both our bodies and each other.
If you’re interested in becoming a fitness instructor for WesBAM!, and totally dig its mission statement, then apply here. The application deadline is on August 13. For more up to date information, check out the WesBAM! website.