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Hickeys of Brunch

Triggadale resident Penina Kessler ’15, along with G D-S ’15, just created a Wesleyan-specific tumblr called Hickeys of Brunch. Says Penina of her Usdan voyeurism:

It’s a project for my Human Sexuality Psych 235 class–I’m tracking fluctuations in season and weekend. Everyone is asked before their picture is taken and allowed to approve the picture before it’s uploaded.

To help Penina on her way to a liberal arts degree, you can probably e-mail her with pics of your bruised neck or find her scoping people’s necks out with her camera phone during Usdan brunch. More hickeys after the jump.

WeSex Listserve

From favorite life-sized Barbie doll Willa Beckman ’15:
E-mail wbeckman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu to be added to the WeSex listserve and get a weekly message on all things relating to sex at Wesleyan!  Updates from ASHA, the PHAs, the SART Intern, SFCC, Unlocked, and the Clinic Escorts will be combined and sent out in one compact message letting you know all of the things going on during week, how to get involved, and where to get free condoms and vibrators!

Involved in a sex-related group that isn’t part of WeSex? E-mail wbeckman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu about your group to get on the list!