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Wesleyan Skiing and Snowboarding Teams Take the Slopes

Pictured: Dylan Penn '15. Photo via The Wesleyan Connection.

Pictured: Dylan Penn ’15. Photo via The Wesleyan Connection.

Did you know that Wesleyan had Skiing and Snowboarding teams? Did you know that they are just as awesome as they sound?

On February 16 and 17, the club teams participated in the McBrine Division League Championships up in Vermont. The Women’s Ski Team qualified for USCSA Eastern Regionals after coming in fourth overall, and the men took first place qualifying for Regionals. Michael Creager ’15 and Chris Delaney ’14 came in second and third in the entire Men’s Ski Division.

Not to be outdone, the Wesleyan Snowboarding Team also vanquished the competition. Dylan Penn ’15Atticus Swartwood ’14, Lina Mamut ’13, and Zach Kaufman ’16 qualified for nationals. This is the snowboarding team’s first year as a club, and Mamut commented, “I’m stoked that Wes got the opportunity to compete in a snowboard league. As a senior, after years of just watching skiers go at it, it’s been incredibly fun to be able to compete with snowboarders from other schools in Slalom and Giant Slalom.”

A Few Openings on Ski Week!

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Last minute cancellations mean that an extremely select number of spots have become available for the annual Wesleyan Ski Week trip to Jay Peak (in Vermont), which in no uncertain terms will be the greatest week of your life. It’s January 15-20, and the total cost is $485. You should contact the captains at wesleyanskiteam(((at)))gmail(((d)))com if you are interested.

Date:   Jan. 15 – Jan. 20
Time:   Go time!
Place:  Jay Peak, Vermont
Cost:   $485, 2011 U.S. dollars (adjusted for inflation)


the cost is 485, but the cost thing only allows 2 digits.  It’s like y2k!!!!

Ski Week and Ski Team Informational Session

DJ Wesleying comin’ atcha with a hot new collab from Sam Masur ’12 and M-M-Matt Timmons ’12:


Anyone interested in coming on the annual Wesleyan ski and snowboard trip to Jay Peak VT (Ski Week) should come to the informational session in the Woodhead Lounge.  We’ll be giving out all the necessary information for the beautiful trip up to Grampa Grunts during our winter break.  (Disclaimer:  You DON’T need to already know how to ski/snowboard to come on ski week!)

This will also be a meeting for Wesleyan’s Ski Team.  So anyone interested in alpine racing should come as well.  No experience necessary – we’re very low key.

Anyone unavailable but still interested should email us at wesleyanskiteamBOOPgmailBOOPcom

Date: Tomorrow, Nov. 6
Time: 8:30 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge (Exley next to glass connection to Hall Atwater)

Ski Week Info Meeting

From Carolyn Szaiff ’11:

Ski Week is an annual ski/snowboard trip organized by the Wesleyan Ski Team to Jay Peak, VT. This year, it will be January 9-14.

If you’re interested in coming on Ski Week/learning more, come to this info meeting!

Date: Oct. 28
Time: 9:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place: Allbritton 311