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Class of ’16 Learns the Fight Song

From the Wesleyan photo Tumblr comes video footage of the Class of 2016 learning the Wesleyan Fight Song. From the photos, Arya Alizadeh ’13 appears to be co-leading the effort, alongside tireless alumni director John Driscoll ’62. It’s not the first time Alizadeh has been photographed in such a position. Extra credit to any frosh who can correctly identify which is class of 2013 and which is class of 1962.

Here’s another “Wesleyan Fight Song” worth learning. All photos below by campus photographer Olivia Drake, via Facebook. Our Arrival Day photos are here.

[nggallery id=159]

Summer Wild Wes Update, or: “WHAAAT?”

For the second year in a row, an army of highly motivated WILD Wes members is spending the summer slaving away in the WestCo Courtyard while you bum around all day on your (choose one) couch/internship. Last summer, they left us with an artful pile of something called “mulch.” This summer, the student group seems to have transformed the familiar courtyard into an elaborate labyrinth-type crop circle extravaganza, also known as well as a “western shrub-tolerant plant border.” I’m not on campus at the moment, but I caught a few photo updates of the project via the University’s photo Tumblr. The changes are striking, to say the least.

Update: After this post first went up, WILD Wes member Manon Lefevre ’14 sent me a few details and corrections regarding the project, including the fact that the labyrinth is only temporary:

The shrub-tolerant plant border is along the western edge of the site, which is the top (not the bottom where the labyrinth is). These are hardy, edible fruit bushes that will tolerate harsher conditions (for instance, the slating on the sidewalks in the winter that inevitably run off down). You can see pictures on the blog and blog posts about it; it’s up at the top (in other words, spans from down near Weshop to all the way up by Foss 4).