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Video Evidence: The Mash, According to Benjamin Travers

“Wesleyan National Convention!”

After two months, The Mash, otherwise known as that thing with all the bands in all the different places that was sort of like Spring Fling except not, has finally gotten the Ben Travers treatment. (Travers, the Wesleyan videographer, is the guy behind this MRoth Meets Elaine clip and this MRoth meets Carter Bays ’97 clip.) (The president appears in this clip, too—there’s a shot of him playing the keys at 00:41.) (Unfortunately, the clip doesn’t capture his dancing with A-Batte during Bear Hands.)

Set to Bear Hands’ “Belonging,” the video offers a bite-size overview of the dizzying array of music and public life (woah!) on display, with an admirable focus on all the groovy dancing happening during Bear Hands’ set, which somehow never manages to fall in sync with the “Belongings” soundtrack. It was screened for your parents at the unexpectedly political Parents’ Assembly during Homecoming Weekend, and now it’s floating around the Wesleyan main page and Connection, with this blurb attached to it: 

Move-In Day Speed Video: “Make Sure You Do Everything”

“I’m really undecided at the moment . . . “

We’ve been waiting for one of those classic Arrival-Day-in-two-minutes speed videos to pop up on the Wesleyan site, and finally it’s here. Thanks, Wesleyan videographer!

This one’s got it all: welcome packets, an impromptu “Go Wes!”, a multi-state license plate montage, families dragging luggage into Clark, frosh stating their place of origin (“It’s just outside Boston”), a family of Wes grads, and this piece of advice from an RA: “My first year I didn’t do anything. Make sure you do everything!” It’s only missing some shots of President Roth high-fiving the Wes cardinal, but this photo will have to do.

On a semi-related note, an anonymous student dropped this note in Wesleying’s tipbox: 

“Are You Wesleyan” para-admissions campaign

Hey remember that terrible “Are You Wesleyan?” thing on the new admissions page? The one that’s still up despite the overwhelmingly negative student response to it in the month since it launched?

Judging by the initial reactions of the people in the administration who were involved (defensive irritation from Assistant Dean of Admissions Tara Lindros, ambivalence from President Michael Roth), they assumed that our vehement outrage would naturally simmer down to latent resentment over time.

It seemed they were right, but NO MORE.

At least, Aural Wes finally posted the initial results of their LOL-based alternative admissions project, intended to display a more revealing side of the student body. Some results below, click through for the full AW write-up.

Hardcore posturing Wes, from Will Tomlinson. DO OR DIE:

I am Wesleyan (bleed cardinal red)

Stupiddrunk Wes, from Adam Schlesinger ’10. Empty PBRs, A; dashiki and boxers, A+.

are you wesleyan

BougieWes, from Ben Bernstein ’10. We’re so civilized, you guys:are you wesleyan2

Synesthetically-hallucinating-Wes, from Andrea Neustein ’09:

are you wesleyan3

Add to the glory: make your own para-admissions photo and send it in. You could stay up all night making friends for life, or you could do this. Find out how after the jump.

Yo WesPilgrims, Diversionary Mirth At Hand


0))) ’10 just posted something brilliant over at AuralWes. I think you should go and participate. There are some dark, hilarious places in the picture-bowels of facebook…. I will summarize/ copy paste here:

here’s the deal: if you think the new admissions site is totally fucking stupid, condescending, and more than a bit disingenuous, you can create your own alternative! find your favorite wasteyface, shit-disturbing, or otherwise seedy photos of yourself and then head on over to icanhascheezburger.com. once there you can use their “advanced lolbuilder” to caption anything you want…however you want…in that iconic lolcat font we all love. SO, AURALWES IS HAVING OUR FIRST CONTEST EVAAR!!!11! (omfg)
Make your BEST para-admissions picture and send it over to auralwes@gmail.com

(on a side note, is anyone starting to think that, far from being a misguided attempt at making our HAWT SCHOOL look good, the new admissions website is actually some kind of guerilla genius instigation of this kind of mockery? they are getting so much play out of this.)

Wesleyan’s Website: Past and Present

If you’re a Wesleyan student, you’ve probably seen the new website by now. And you probably have a strong opinion on it—with particular respect to the embarrassing new Admissions site.

But what exactly is our basis for comparison?

The Wayback Machine provides a fascinating glimpse at what the past Wesleyan websites have looked like, including some godawful 90s designs. Here’s a sample.

Wesleyan.edu in December 1997:

Website 1997

Are We Wesleyan? Thoughts about the new website

The Wesleyan website has been needing an overhaul for awhile, and after yesterday’s unveiling, it clearly got a major one. It seems more functional than it used to be, and it looks easier to find things than before. It’s more interactive – this Academic Sampler thing is cool.

But why is the entire site now an Admissions brochure? I wasn’t aware that we need to recruit new talent this desperately.

wesleyan new homepage2

The real big problem is the ill-advised “Are You Wesleyan?” series on the Admissions page, a series of trite rhetorical questions that are supposed to define our exceptional Wesleyan character. Or reveal our gloriously unique lack of definition, or something.

It’s more than a matter of taste. Yes, it’s clearly lame and makes Wesleyan students sound like tools. But moreover, it’s just trying way too hard. Why are you trying so hard, Admissions? It’s unseemly.

Applications are at a record high, and we already have a bigger draw than our peer institutions. Over the past few years Wesleyan has somehow greatly increased its cachet among applicants, without marketing itself as aggressively (and, well, desperately) as this Admissions page does.

Don’t mess with that! Whatever we’ve been doing has clearly been working. Advertising this blatant and un-self-aware will definitely not make Wes any more desirable than it already is to prospective students, and may well turn away those interesting, intellectually engaged applicants whose sensibilities are assaulted by the infuriatingly eager tone this site is trying to hustle them with.

Do you take it… in the Butts?

TwitterSuspended_540x512Twitter-bound Wesleyanites have started a sweet hashtag based on our brilliant new redesign and the very, very dramatic slogans encapsulated therein. (nano twitter tutorial: hashtags are essentially a way of categorizing tweets based on a common feature or meme.) the hashtag is #iamwesleyan.

Some choice examples:

Would you stay up all night…. just to read an anonymous confession board?

Do most of your contacts…. have hyphenated last names?

Are you prepared…. to change your sexuality?

Do you contemplate infinity…. just for the fun of it? Do you contemplate infinity…. just for the fun of it…. ON WEED?

Would you like to know more? -> linkkkkkkk

New Wesleyan Website

wesleyan new homepage

So the Wes homepage (including “About, Academics, Campus Life, Alumni, Parents, and Offices & Services pages”) got a major makeover. It launched today, and it looks . . . different.

Some semi-coherent observations from the ACB:

I appreciate the efforts to revamp the website, and totally respect the amount of time and work that went into making the changes, but those “Are you Wesleyan?” “surprise-ending” questions…yeah….pretty effin hysterical.


Worse is the front page, where it says “the liberal arts university” (with “the” in italics) next to a picture of kids in a science class laughing and using the latex safety gloves like balloons.

It might as well say “don’t respect us” (with “don’t” in italics)


EPortfolio Gets a Makeover

New EPortfolio is up. I am unsure about the Cardinal, but looks good.


Customizable themes!


You can also add more widgets to your Portfolio, including RSS feeds of Wesnews, the Roth blog, the Argus… even Wesleying. That is useful!