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We’re Selling Stickers! So That We May Perpetuate Our Existence!

check out these ~sexy~ new sticker designs from our very own sdz (and our classic logo ones are back too)

Hey campus, how’s it going? Grinding tension of the academic experience just starting to build up? Same. Well, we have stickers to solve your problems. You might wonder, what purpose does a blog without a brand (okay, let’s be real, we definitely have a brand, and it is silly tweets and bad jokes) have for merch?

Well, first of all: we think these stickers are really, really cool and we like them a lot. That should be reason enough. But, unfortunately, it’s not.

We need money.

I know what you’re thinking. “Wesleying, I thought you were on our side in the struggle against the pressures of capitalism?” We are, but existing on the internet isn’t free. Our servers cost $25/month (up from $5 a month) and we have domain name expenses.

Wesleying has existed for 13 years (l’chayim!) as the only student publication at Wesleyan that has not received a single dime from the SBC. We are not a registered student group and don’t intend to become one. We think it insulates us quite uniquely from a lot of institutional pressures, so we can say whatever the fuck we want, pretty much (without being assholes).

We’ve been a platform for student voices and #snarky #commentary and breaking news and party locations and orgasm stories and Seniors talking about their theses and frosh learning about Wes. More generally, we have been a vehicle for idea transmission. People, for some reason or another, have viewed the site over 6 million times and submitted thousands of events to the site in the past 13 years.

But, our bank account is running low. #Classic #College #Student

So, we’re selling stickers! They’re very cool stickers! You should buy them!

There’s 3 sticker designs (pictured above), and we’re selling them for $3-5 each, or $10 for all 3! What a deal! You get to show off your blog/school/debaucherous spirit, and we get to stay online and posting about all things Wes! Or, if you’re just feeling generous, you can venmo us a donation @wesleying! Or use campus mail to send quarters (or dollar bills, or checks) to WesBox #90183! We’ll take anything we can get!

But WHERE CAN I GET THESE STICKERS?!?!?!?!? We’ll be posting on Twitter and Instagram when/where we are selling stickers! We’re a very personable blog, and we want to meet you, our dear readers/supporters! If you can’t seem to catch us around campus, you can DM us on any of our social media accounts, or shoot us an email at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org!

Thanks for supporting independent blogging here at Wesleying! #SBCFreeSince2006

Wesleying Needs You

Anonymous commenters, shoutbox-ers, ACB-ers: You want Wesleying not to crash every Finals Week (or other sporadic moments throughout the year).  You want Wesleying to be more user friendly.  You want to be able to sort through posts easier.  You want aesthetic changes to be made quicker.  You want it? You got it — That is, of course, if you can help us make that happen. We gots no money! Our server contract ends this year, and we are hoping to upgrade so Wesleying.2011 can be better, faster, stronger.  With your fund$ we can:

  • renew our contract, stay online
  • upgrade our server! no more annoying 503s!
  • have some $$$ to make Wesleying even more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing (although we know you all loved the “Wesleying: a website for students who go here to Wesleyan” banner, having some money would make our redesigns faster and more professional)
  • keep Wesleying 100% independent – We would like to remain completely financially independent and non-university affiliated (no SBC funds). Wesleying was created to be an independent student blog, and while it may only be symbolic, we’d like to have the independence to go on rants about the University like with the Tour de Franzia crackdown or the Fountain Avenue fiasco, or just post pictures of students in their underwear with Michael Roth’s face pasted on.

While Wesleying may not give you a sweet tote bag like NPR does, here are some reasons you should support us: Wesleying presents: Uncle Roth

  • because you love us? maybe?
  • you’re a student who reads Wesleying during lectures, in Olin, when you want to see the S&C menu, for fun Ye Olde Wesleyan posts, and because you need a Wesleyan internet aggregator to keep you informed of when WesCam is up and running, of the existence of WesBreasts and WesTacles…or you want to find out who is lecturing at CHUM.
  • you’re a rich alum or parent who’s too cool to want hir name on a building.  Wesleying keeps you updated on what’s going on better than any Wesleyan listserv.  Or you’re a poor alum with Cardinal spirit, an internet addiction, and $1 to spare.
  • For a forum where students, administrators, administrators posing as students and students posing as administrators can discuss campus policies and news.
  • For our dearly departed Sheek and Holly and Xue and so many others!

So if you are so inclined, make your donation to Wesleying’s PayPal account whether you’re a student, a parent, an alum, or just someone who googled “sex party.”  You can donate any amount you wish, and show some class pride by adding your class year in cents (i.e. Michael Roth ’78, donate $100.78!  Poor alum ’10, donate $1.10!).  At least join the facebook event and spread it to your friends.

With love,

All of us at Wesleying

[Thanks to David Shimomura ’13 for photoshopping the awesome ‘Uncle Roth’ image for me for this post.]

Thanks for Supporting your Wesleying!

We had expected our Support Your Wesleying fundraiser to last until the end of the semester, but we surpassed our $200 goal after only three days. Thanks to the generous contributions of students, alumni, parents, and Middletown residents, we have raised a total of $311.43.

This is enough for several years of web hosting, and will ensure Wesleying’s independence, stability, and kick-assery for years to come.

We’ll be accepting donations—via PayPal only—for another week or two, if you haven’t yet donated and would like to. And, for those who want to rock out in a Wesleying T-shirt (and really, who wouldn’t?), details on pre-ordering will be coming soon. They won’t be priced too much above cost, either.

We want to thank everyone who contributed and supported Wesleying! Your help will enable us to bring you some great things, next semester and beyond.

Justin LaSelva ’09
on behalf of the staff of Wesleying

Support your Wesleying: bake sale tonight!

Lots of delicious baked goods, filled with love and goodness and other sweet things. Stop by and talk to the Wesleying staff! Grab a delicious brownie, cookie, cupcake, or other treat! Bring cash and your sweet tooth.

Date: Tonight, Nov. 9
Time: 9:00 PM – midnight
Place: Olin lobby

Organized by our own Barbara Fenig ’11.

Support your Wesleying: why contribute?

Here’s a deeper look into our Support Your Wesleying fundraiser.

What are you doing?

Put simply, we want to make Wesleying more useful, more powerful, easier to maintain, and more likely to become a permanent fixture of student life at Wesleyan. Our current setup, using Google’s underpowered yet free Blogger software, is showing its weaknesses, both because we aren’t able to bring you the kind of content we want, and because it’s increasingly cumbersome for us to maintain the blog. When it’s inconvenient to use our blogging software, we’re less inclined to use it. And that’s not good for you, or us.

We’re moving to our own, paid domain name, and will pay a professional web hosting company to serve the blog. This will remove virtually all limitations on the future expansion of Wesleying, making it more useful for you, and easier to maintain for us. It also establishes a secure, stable base that gives current and future contributors the incentive to continue what has become a venerable—but relatively recent and still fragile—tradition at Wesleyan.

We have a plan in place and we’re confident in its benefits. While it’s too soon to announce the specifics—you’ll see the results of our reconstruction early next semester—we are looking to raise at least $200, which will secure us hosting for a year or two, and allow us a cushion for years ahead.

Two of the many useful things our move will enable are “folds” on our posts, and automatic weekend roundups. The first will enable us to “clip” giant posts like this one, and only show a summary of them on the front page, allowing you to see more posts and scroll less. The second will mean a weekend roundup every week, since it’ll be so much easier to compile than it is currently.

How are you doing all that?

We’ve been thinking this through for a while. In the end, we decided that we wanted to engage you, our loyal readers, in improving Wesleying. We wanted a grassroots effort in which every student felt like ze had a share in improving and continuing the purely student-driven Wesleying experience.

We decided to keep it local, and organic, and as widely participatory as possible. We’re asking for small donations from a large portion of our readership. Send us your quarters, send us your dollar bills, or make a donation online, conveniently and securely.

We’re also bringing Wesleying into the real world. We’re hosting our first-ever bake sale on Sunday night, from 9:00 to midnight, at Olin. Come and meet us, tell us what you think of Wesleying, and buy some delicious snacks at the same time. After that, we’ll be taking pre-orders for some kickin’ Wesleying T-shirts. Show your Wesleyan and Wesleying spirit, and be a part of the community that we’ve been trying to build since Wesleying was born.

If even 7% of our readers donate just one dollar each, we’ll have received what we need to start off. It should be clear: we’re not asking you to empty your wallet. We’re asking you to invest in the future of the Wesleyan community.

What aren’t you doing?

Our fundraiser is predicated on the idea that the community has a vested interest in making sure Wesleying not only continues, but improves. For that reason, we’ve rejected the easiest methods of raising funds.

We won’t host advertisements on our site. Wesleying is a community resource, full of pure student opinion and news, unadulterated by the presence of corporate spin and annoying banners. And, with no ads, we have more space for content that’s directly relevant to you.

Nor will we apply for money from the University, through the WSA. Wesleying has always been a fiercely independent voice, one that is sometimes critical of University policy. Accepting University funds gives the administration a level of involvement that would diminish our freedom. We’re not seeking corporate sponsorships or media tie-ins, for the same reason.

So, why should I contribute?

Being a Wesleying contributor is largely a thankless job. We spend hours each week posting your events, reporting on your campus community, bringing you fun and interesting political news, entertainment info, updates on alumni, and more. Sometimes, we even take your anonymous abuse in the comments.

Why do we do it? For me, the answer has always been clear.

Back in 2006 when I joined this blog, the kind of campus community we have today did not exist. There was no central place to see what was going on around campus. There was no collection of names and class years and groups and identities and genders, all in one place, all interacting and opening themselves up to the rest of the community. There was no place to get instant news, to get a diversity of views… nothing through which you could feel connected to everything that was going on around campus even while sitting in your dorm room.

Thanks to Wesleying, we now have that. Wesleying has made me feel more connected to people and groups that I would never even have known existed. It’s organic, it’s local, it’s small, it’s student-driven, it’s free of profit and financial gain, and it exists as a resource for everyone.

Wesleying is real students, and real student life at Wesleyan.

If you think we provide a useful service; if you make use of the site to see what’s going on around campus; if you send us your events and announcements and auditions, and benefit from the entire campus seeing your submissions… if you appreciate our opinion and reporting on campus and Middletown news; if you think Wesleying should remain a viable and, yes, ever-improving part of your campus life… that’s why you should contribute.

How do I contribute?

It’s simple. Visit www.wesleying.org, our future home and current fundraising center, for all the details. Or, click here to make a donation via your credit card, PayPal account, or bank account.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks for your donation! We wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the phenomenal support—in so many forms—that you, our fellow students, have offered us.

Justin LaSelva ’09
on behalf of the staff of Wesleying

P.S. We are interested in your thoughts and questions. If you want to make suggestions or complain, please email donations@wesleying.org.

Support your Wesleying!

So Wesleying has finally gotten its shit together: we’re moving to WordPress, which is some extremely superior blogging software that most respectable blogs in the world use. However, this means we’ll no longer be getting free hosting from Blogger, and so we need to buy our own domain name and hosting. We’re switching to wesleying.org! This is expensive, and we Wesleying contributors can’t pay for it all out-of-pocket.

There were several possible sources of raising money that we quickly rejected:

  • Advertisements
  • Corporate sponsors
  • SBC/University funds

Especially for those last two, we firmly decided that we didn’t want Wesleying to be beholden to anybody, whether it be a business or Wesleyan University. We like our independence, and we want to keep it that way.

The only people we want Wesleying to be beholden to are you, our loyal readers. So we’re kicking off a massive fundraising effort with the primary goal of paying Wesleying’s hosting for at least the next two years, by the end of this semester. How can you help contribute to this grassroots effort?

  • Donate money online via PayPal or credit card
  • Send cash or check through campus mail
  • Buy yummies at our upcoming bake sale(s)
  • Buy a Wesleying T-shirt (design yet to be finalized; email mjweiss@wes if you have a good idea)

You might notice the beautiful banner we now have at the top of the page. Click it to go to wesleying.org, Wesleying’s future home and current fundraising center. There, you can donate money online or find out information about our other fundraising efforts.

Donate money! If every single one of our readers donated $1, we’d be set. Any amount you can give will be helpful.

Thanks so much for your support! It’s been great serving you for the past two years. Keep watching for more info about our ongoing fundraising efforts.