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Unofficial Orientation Series 2016: Tweet at Us!

“must be a lot more powerful than I imagined. Didn’t realize I could cause such havoc. EXTRA…Cher makes Twitter IRRELVANT. News at 11” – Cher


This is an announcement post. Basically we’re announcing that this Sunday at 3PM EST, Wesleying will be hosting a Twitter chat with any and all who would welcome our snarky online presence. This is part of our 2016 Unofficial Orientation Series, which launches IN FULL FORCE on July 24th! A quick reminder that you can check out the welcome post here, the Dorm Living FAQ post here, and past years’ series here.

Confused as to what this is/why we’re doing a Twitter chat for the first time? Don’t worry: we got u. Here’s why:

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Eating & Drinking Things at Wes

Back in Wesleying’s infancy, one of the first posts was Holly and Xue’s Guide to Eating and Drinking Things at Wesleyan. Then Usdan opened in ’07 and the whole thing was rendered completely inaccurate—until updated by a new generation of Wesleying staffpersons in ’09 and ’10. (View the original update here.)

This is mostly a repost, with a few parenthesized 2011 updates and additions for good measure. Feel free to drop additional knowledge or questions in the comments section.