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Unofficial Orientation Series: Dorm Living FAQ

This post is a repost of a repost of a repost of a repost. Dorm Life never changes much. Unless Fauver becomes Bennett.


Dear frosh,

At this point in the summer, you are probably fretting over things like college. A sense of melancholy (or jittery excitement and increased WesAdmits activity, if you hated high school) has creeped up on you. Are you making lists of toiletries and getting boxes from Staples to pack your life into? Wondering how much action your soon-to-be bed has gotten in the past? A lot, probably.

But don’t be too frazzled. Last year’s Unofficial Orientation Series Dorm Living post  Wesleying‘s here to answer your 40ish most pressing questions related to waking-up-and-instantly-having-200-or-so-of-your-peers-to-hang-out-with.

The pertinent FAQ doesn’t change much from year to year, so we tend to repost much of the original guide by Norse Goddess Holly-and-Xue ’08 (cuz it’s still damn good and we’re still damn lazy). This re-vamped guide is up to date and full of Wesjargon:

Unofficial Orientation Series: Student Groups


So you find yourself at Wes, having a good time, chilling out, sitting on Foss, eating at the ‘Dan in your sweatpants (I’m looking at you Wrestling team), when all of a sudden you realize something. You have no friends. None. It’s weird, you should’ve known something was amiss when your conversations with the chairs around you seemed a little one-sided, or when, looking back on it, all those high fives you’ve been handing out like condoms at Davison Health Center never really hit their target. Is it you? Sniff yourself…Try looking in the mirror. So you look and smell average-ish so that can’t be the problem. Oh I know, maybe it’s because you do nothing outside of going to class, eating, sleeping, and staring at the ceiling in your room…Freak.

Now, Wes has a whole mess of clubs and I can assure you that there is at least one that you’ll be able to fit into. While some people like myself love to overwork themselves so at the end of the day they can come home to a nice warm XL twin bed, kick their feet up and relax, it is also important to know that most like to adhere to a rule of 7. That means that you want to have around-ish or at most, 7 activities going on. That includes classes, jobs, clubs, and sports. So let’s put together a pretend schedule, shall we?

Unofficial Orientation Series: Getting There from Here


Today’s installment is mostly a repost of a repost from years past (hey – I’m all about recycling) detailing ways for you to get around the New England area, Connecticut, home (or not), and most importantly to get some delicious pancakes at 4 in the morning. If you have a car already, feel free to ignore this post entirely while the rest of us look upon you with envy. If you don’t, then you might want to take my advice and become friends with someone who does. Until then, you may want to read on.

As any current Wes student will tell you, one area in which Middletown is seriously lacking is its ability to help you get out of Middletown. The closest train station is in Meriden, though your best bet for getting out of town is to go to Union Station in New Haven or Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks (near Hartford). Getting there, though, is quite the challenge. Lucky for you, we at Wesleying, and our friends at the Peer Advisor Blog, have attempted to compile a list of the car-less ways to get to Connecticut’s two main transportation hubs to make your lives easier.

Unofficial Orientation Series: First Year Classes

Almost time for the learning part

Almost time for the learning part

By now you’re tenderly stroking the PDF-images of your plane tickets to Bradley Airport on your computer screen, brimming with excitement to head off to college to start the rest of your life. You’ve got loads of wonderful and exciting things very shortly ahead of you: orientation (which at Wesleyan happens to be awesome), meeting your classmates, and maybe doing a little partying. No doubt, if you’re interested in a place like Wesleyan, the classes also factor in at a high-priority level on your list of things to look forward to. Possibly, maybe even hopefully, they are at the top. You would be justified in this.

But deciding your first year classes takes some thought. For that, perhaps I, Real Student at Wesleyan University, can be of service.

Unofficial Orientation Series: Athletics/Athlete Life

Wesleyan Athletics

Some of you frosh may not know that WesTech competes in the prestigious NESCAC—the most competitive D3 conference in the country. Do not worry; you will not have to enter a lottery system to obtain tickets to see a home football game. We are not like these fans, and we never will be. That’s okay. Do not believe the naysayers who claim that Wesleyan students do not support or appreciate athletics. If you are attempting to relive your high school glory days, looking to get or stay fit, or trying out a new sport, Wesleyan has what you are looking for.

Unofficial Orientation Series: What to Pack


This will probably be the most straight forward of the Unofficial Orientation Series posts. You’re going to college; you’re packing your important life stuff into boxes and suitcases; you want the whole process to be as least stressful as possible. So don’t forget your shower flip-flops.

Everyone needs the basics: toiletries, bedding, school supplies, clothes, etc. This is a comprehensive list that includes more specific items and is inherently subjective. It’s served me well since freshman year, even though I don’t actually end up using/buying many of the things on it. If anything, it can help you cover the important things you’ll need, while reminding you of the less important but still nice stuff, like chocolate acai berries.

If you haven’t started packing/buying important stuff yet you still have time. Like two weeks. So maybe get on it! If you don’t like this list, there are a bunch of other ones on the Internet. Here is just one.

The list (broken down by general categories):

Unofficial Orientation Series: Social Media Directory


At some point in your career at Wesleyan, The Argus just won’t come out soon enough or – heaven forbid – Wesleying won’t update quick enough for you to get some vital update or piece of news. This here is an age of new journalism, haven’t you heard? Social media is the new town crier. Luckily for all of us, the fine people in charge of and around Wesleyan University are on top of this social media wagon, and sometimes, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are your best shot for up-to-the-minute information. But even beyond the immediate, some of these pages and feeds, run by the departments or by student groups or even by anonymous individuals, can be interesting, thought-provoking, hilarious, and full of discussions, tips, commentary, and quips that will enrich your experience here. Or at the very least, give you a cheap laugh.

I’ve assembled a list of the essential (and currently active) ones, as well as some of Wesleying’s personal favorites, but this is by no means a complete list. Because there is no other list of pages around (except for the un-updated, official school-approved one), I may have missed a few. We can always add more. There are also individual Twitter feeds you’ll find are useful to follow, but you’re on your own for discovering those. Nobody uses Pinterest, so don’t bother looking.

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series 2013


Dear preFrosh,

You’ve got some questions: “Can I join clubs and groups before arriving on campus? [I’m interested in Forensics (public speaking/debate), Acting, Creative Writing, Soccer (hoping to play club), & Martial Arts].” “Anyone else never register for that community engagement trip and feeling like the most horrible person and wondering if they are kicked out of wes?” “What is a grundle?” “How big is the closet space in Clark?” “Does beer taste like pee?”

You’ve already painted your boats maroon and black and are planning to form the next Speedy Ortiz during your first week here.

Well, don’t fret! We’ve harnessed all your confusion and excitement into the Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series 2013: a two-week long series of informative posts by bloggers in their underwear who sometimes claim to represent “real students, real student life at Wesleyan University.” We know that you’ll be too busy getting used to the term ‘cisgendered,’ man, and hipstagramming photos of your first Psi U party to learn anything between August 29th and September 2nd, so we’ve got the following topics covered (in no particular order of importance):