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The Wesleying Dark Ages are Over….

Friends, families, lovers and more…..

For 16 long, dark, and cold (like actually so cold why is this November so brutal???) days, there was darkness in the Wesleying world. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Wesleying’s site went down, and absolute chaos in the world ensued. It was like the purge. It was a bloodbath. We will never be the same.

JK, but the site did go down and after two weeks of your favorite editors tirelessly working to identify the issue and solve it, we are back and better than ever! So please, go calculate how you can stretch your remaining 5 points over the remaining three weeks, and stay tuned for procrastination destination, food reviews, and more to come.

We hope you missed us. We certainly missed you.

Xoxo <3