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President Roth, I Expect Your Efforts Redoubled

On the 24th of September 2012, you, President Roth, asked of us a favor. And we agreed.
I am here to keep that promise.

Is This Why?

“You should say, we have a commitment to diversity: we want to see that. In the demographics, not just the rhetoric,” urged President Roth one balmy September evening. “Because the rhetoric, whether it’s you’re in favor of need blind or I say I’m in favor of more scholarships, rhetoric is easy. Let’s see who’s here.”

Well, the results are in.

To sum up, the diversity of the Class of 2017 is markedly different from preceding Classes. As a percentage of the Class, students of color dropped slightly to 37 percent, while on the socioeconomic front the number of students receiving financial aid falls well short of any recent generation of Wesleyan students, dropping to 42 percent from 48 percent last year. Similarly, the number of students receiving grant-aid fell to 37 percent from 44 percent in the previous class. Meanwhile, the number of first-generation college students declined to 13 percent from 16 percent.

Need-Blind Forum with President Roth [Liveblog]

Postscript: Thank you for coming to Wesleying’s first ever forum! The turnout was so big it spilled into the hallway. Click past the jump for photo and liveblog coverage, and stay tuned for full video footage.

Wesleying’s need-blind forum with President Roth is happening.

This will be live-streamed and live-blogged. WATCH THE LIVE STREAM HERE. Live blog updates after the jump.

If you have last minute questions for President Roth, e-mail staff[at]wesleying[dot]org.