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Goodbye Dragon and Condor, hello WesFiles

Our personal Dragon and Condor accounts are being phased out and merged into WesFiles, which will use a web-based interface. It will handle both personal storage space and personal webpages.

WesFiles gives us:

  • Web-based (and a few other methods, it seems) access to the files
  • Easy sharing
  • A 1GB quota! (this is compared to the 100MB Dragon and 20MB Condor quotas that were in effect previously)
  • Remote access without setting up a VPN (you should be able to connect from home painlessly)

The data on your personal Dragon/Condor accounts should be moved automatically. Stuff from shared course folders, etc. will not.

More info is available at the WesFiles Blog. Everything is up and working now (although files haven’t been transfered yet). I’m logged in now and so far everything looks good.