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DANCE/run/DANCE: WesRave ’14

c/o Winston Soh '14

c/o Winston Soh ’14

WesRave has arguably become Wesleyan’s most beloved, least controversial, wholly positive event. Have you ever heard someone seriously say, “YO, FUCK WESRAVE!?”

This year was the third WesRave, with a higher turnout, in my estimation, than the previous two (even though rain postponed this rave to Sunday before finals). Around 11 p.m., hundreds gathered on Foss (many with glowsticks) with an assortment of rave attire and pressed play at the same time. As the beat of “Cobrastyle” by Teddybears got going, so did the swaying of the crowd and the giggling and shrieks that could be heard above the music. A little over a minute in, the student shepherds started waving their gigantic racing flags to herd the crowd down Foss Hill and toward the CFA. Soon enough, our mass of silent ravers was running together, undoubtedly fueled by some alcohol and the exuberant crowd’s energy. This herding-running-dancing-more running-more dancing propelled the silent ravers from one campus location to the next, mapped out in the first hour as thusly:  Foss–>CFA–>North College–>PAC–>Olin–>Usdan Courtyard–>PAC–>then I went to Late Night, what happened next?


“Best night at Wesleyan by far, and pretty sure best night of my entire life in general!” –CantStopDancin (Wesleying commenter)0511130100a1

WesRave is happening for the third year in a row tonight, at 11 p.m. As BZOD has written in the past, it’s “Kind of like Tour de Franzia, only without the destruction and binge drinking.” Here is event info from the organizers, via the FB page:

2. We can’t go on the baseball field, we’d ruin it in about 2 seconds and that’s not fair to the staff who would have to fix it.
3. We can’t cross any streets, aside from Wyllys. This disrupts traffic and would involve Middletown Police, which we don’t want to do.
4. Please listen to the 40+ student shepherds who will be directing you, 10 of us will have gigantic racing flags to show you where to go. We’ll be talking with psafe as we move, and if we’re asking you to move/not go somewhere, it’s probably for a reason.

This is what goes down: everyone downloads a playlist onto their phone/music player. Download the playlist here. Convene on Foss Hill and press play at 11 p.m. Dance and run around campus (within the designated areas) for about two hours with hundreds of other Wesleyan students.

Check out some photos from last year’s WesRave here. Highly recommended event for 1) people who like to dance 2) people who like to run around for no reason 3) people who are stressed about finals 4) people who are disgruntled about Wesleyan 5) people who like silent raves.. 6) people who have an opinion about having an opinion about Ke$sha