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Internet is Down


As I’m sure you’ve noticed, wesstudent has been having some problems this morning. This isn’t just you — this is happening all across campus. For now you can use wesguest (ask a friend for the password). Or you can use the ethernet jack in your room. Don’t call ITS! They can’t help you and they’re getting calls from everyone else, too! For now we’re all waiting on the fix.

[Update from hermes, 10:35 am]: Wesstudent wifi is working again… for now.

[Update from Zach, 11:57 am]: And we’re back. Here’s the explanatory email from the one and only Karren Waren:

A problem in PeopleSoft affected multiple systems this morning including our ability to email campus-wide lists.  Moodle and wireless were also among the prominent systems affected.  While we are rapidly moving toward resolution, not all systems are completely restored.  We will send a follow-up email this afternoon with an updated status.

We apologize for the delay in notification, we had to find alternate means of emailing the constituents on campus.

Internet Update (2 pm Friday)

From the superwonderful HelpDesk people :

HelpDesk is seeing several issues from students trying to access the new wireless network. We are doing our best to resolve all of the issues, and we ask for your patience as we work through everything. If you need to come to the Helpdesk, expect a longer fix time than usual, and if you have a non-urgent issue we’d appreciate if you wait for a few days before bringing your computer in. We’re doing our best to get everyone on the internet as quickly as possible. Thanks for your patience!

In the meantime, we strongly urge you to download and/or print the instructions available here. The new access setup requires very specific specifications for setting up your connection to “wesstudent” which can be found in the instructions.

PSA: AirWes Is No More. Keep Reading If You Want To Get on The Internet at Wes

you want to get online

Wireless access on campus has changed. AirWes is offline and there is no longer unencrypted wireless available. For your convenience, please take a moment to download or print the instructions you will need which can be found here.

HelpDesk staff will be available to assist you, but lines could become long.  Any preparation you can do in advance will help make the process smoother.

It is a good idea to download instructions before you get to campus, as you will not be able to access the instructions once you get to campus to set up your computer. Also, if you don’t follow the instructions, you may be prompted to (god forbid) type in your username and password every few weeks.

PC/Windows users are reminded to make sure your system is current with updates and patches to reduce downtime getting online. Antivirus is also (still) required on PC computers (instructions for installing ESET Antivirus are available on your portfolio under Tools & Links).

Helpdesk is located in Exley 116 (down the hall from Pi Cafe) and online here. Hours during orientation/move-in week are:
  • Thursday-Saturday 10-5;
  • Sunday 10-10