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Weekend Recap: Jurassic, Foam, and More

Unfortunately, this weekend did not start on a Wednesday given the tropical downpour that trapped Nest-goers indoors because their housemates thought the rain a good excuse to curl up and watch Dexter. Thursday passed in the same depressing mode, but Wesleyan stepped up to the plate on Friday, serving up a rowdy crowd at the packed Jurassic Park screening at the Goldsmith Family Cinema. Enthusiastic sophomore Trevor Dorn-Wallenstein ’15 even dressed the part in a dino onesie. Good for him.

photo (25)
An hour after movie-goers stumbled out of the family cinema, people began to congregate at Senior Fauver and whatever silent party was going on on Fountain. Digression: What is up with Fountain this year? Where are the fun parties?

WesTrending: Cadbury Jackets

Spotted last night on the corner of Church and Pine this weekend: two WesTrendies (A “Berlin” Marcus ’13 and an unidentified rando) sporting shiny Dairy Milk-purple bombers. Chocolate bar wrapper seemed to be the colour du jour in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Take cues from your classmates and draw fashspiration from your favorite childhood sweets—a pink BubbleYum puffer jacket or an experimental Solero-inspired dye job maybe? Cast aside those black North Faces and “Anoraks”  in favor of spirit-lifting, deliriously bright rainbow outerwear.