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Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

The Last Westco Open Mic of the Year!

This is it folks! It’s Willie’s last time hosting the Westco Open Mic. Come on down and play music, perform comedy, recite poetry, or do something else.
We will be giving away all the prizes that didn’t get given away at the previous open mics, so be sure to put your name down.
  • DATE?: Wednesday, May 7th (TONIGHT!)
  • TIME?: signups at 9:30pm, show at 10pm
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

The Westco Open Mic is back! Come do some comedy, music, poetry– all of these are acceptable! Come show off your talent or support some up and coming talented people.


One lucky performer will get to be the FEATURED PERFORMER at the next open mic! That means that if you win, you can go up whenever you want and play an extra long set at the next Open Mic!

PLUS another possibly luckier performer will receive the SPECIAL SURPRISE PRIZE!

  • DATE?: Tonight.
  • TIME?: signups @ 10, show @ 10:30
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

Westco Open Mic–TONIGHT


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

Alright people, it’s the Westco Open Mic again! Come on over to the Westco Café to show off your talent. Play a song, perform some standup, read a poem, or do something else.


One lucky performer will get to be the FEATURED PERFORMER at the next open mic! That means that if you win, you can go up whenever you want and play an extra long set! What could be better?

The answer could be the SECRET SURPRISE PRIZE! That’s the other prize!


  • TIME?: signups at 10pm, show at 10:30pm
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

KGB Presents: The 24-Hour “Let’s ‘Beak’ Canary Cancer!” Benefit Concert & Variety Show Telethon: Hour 24


Russell Goldman ’17 writes:

“KGB Presents: The 24-Hour ‘Let’s Beak Canary Cancer!’ Benefit Concert & Variety Show Telethon: Hour 24” is a new theatrical project written and directed by the dream-cream of Solomon Billinkoff ’14 and Russell Goldman, and sponsored by Second Stage.

It centers around the final hour of a 24-hour public-access telethon to benefit canary cancer.

What is canary cancer, you ask? Just shut up for a second.

Canary cancer is a terrible disease that has wreaked havoc on 127 different species of birds. The symptoms include vomit.

This is not a ticketed event, so show up early (20-30 minutes before showtime) to get a seat!

The show contains material that is shocking and offensive and is not recommended for canaries under 18 or for humans under 18.

DATE?: Thursday, February 20th – Saturday, February 22nd
TIME?: 8pm (arrive 20-30 mins early for seats)
PLACE?: Westco Café

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

Come on down to the Westco Open Mic! Lots of music and comedy and other things will be performed! THERE WILL BE PRIZES! One lucky performer will win a special guest spot at the next Westco Open Mic during which they can perform WHENEVER HE or SHE WANTS in the lineup! The other winner will win the SPECIAL SURPRISE PRIZE!

  • TIME?: signups @ 10pm, show @ 10:30pm
  • PLACE?: The Westco Café

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

It’s 2014–YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! That’s right, The Westco Open Mic is back! Come show off your music, comedy, acts, action, or whatever! It’s an open mic, open to everyone of every age group and caliber. You should probably come.

  • DATE?: Tonight.
  • TIME?: Signups at 10pm, mic at 10:30pm.
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

The Last WestCo Open Mic of the Year


Willie Zabar ’16 has a way with words:

IT’S THE WESTCO OPEN MIC featuring the WESTCO BATTLE OF THE BANDS wherein Westco’s top bands will wow you and zow you.

But there’s more than just music!

We’ll have:

  • MATH

Come, perform, watch!

It’ll be a blast (if you know what I mean).

  • DATE?: Tonight. Wednesday, December 4th.
  • TIME?: signups @ 9:00pm, show starts @ 9:30pm
  • PLACE?: WestCo Café
  • FACEBOOK?: Here.

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

Come on down to the Westco Open Mic tonight! Share a song, dance, comedy routine, poem, or whatever. THERE WILL BE FREE FOOD AND PRIZES!

  • DATE?: Tonight!
  • TIME?: signups @ 9:30pm, show @ 10pm
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

First Westco Open Mic


From talent connoisseur Willie Zabar ’16:

Come on down to the Westco Open Mic to showcase your talent. Whether it be music, comedy, poetry, puppetry, or mediocrity, we’ve got a spot for you. Support your friends and get a taste of the Wesleyan performance scene.

  • Date: September 4th (Today)
  • Time: 9:30pm (signups @ 9)
  • Place: Westco Café


The Westco Bar/Bat Mitzvah (and Rave Afterparty)

You are cordially invited to join in a comedic and musical celebration of celebration. Who is being mitzvah’d? You’ll have to come to find out!


  • Rabbi Zabar ’16
  • Rabbi Grossman ’16
  • Zach (the) Kantor ’15
  • The Wesleyan Klezmer Band

Following the service will be a RAVE AFTERPARTY. Featuring DJs Saarim Zaman ’16 and Michael Vaughan ’16.

Date: Today, May 8
Time: Comedic service at 10 pm, rave afterparty at 11:00 pm
Place: WestCo Cafe
Cost: Free