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A Closer Look at “The Shmagina Dialogues”


If you stop by the WestCo lounge on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday night, you may catch some members of the Wesleyan community talking about vaginas. It should look nothing like last week’s production of The Vagina Monologues. And that’s the point.

“I have always really not liked The Vagina Monologues, but not because I don’t like the people who are involved in the show here,” explains producer Olivia May ’14. “The show itself never felt welcoming to my experience, and I can really imagine how it would feel less welcoming to a whole lot of other people.” Co-producer Emma MacLean ’14 adds, “I’ve always felt that there is more to be said than what gets said in The Vagina Monologues.”

Chai and Chocolate in WestCo

Britt Duncan ’15 invites you to check out the self-explanatory flier to the right, or to do the following:

Come warm up with some Chai and Chocolate in the WestCo lounge!

All kibitzing and kvetching welcome!

Sponsored by WestCo and the Jewish Community.

Date: Sunday, November 11t
Time: 8 pm to 9 pm
Place: WestCo Lounge
Why: Because free

Wittenberg ’16 Reveals Surprising Etymology of Foss and WestCo

Daniel Wittenberg ’16, wise sage, fellow westcovian, and new freshman president of WestCo, shares with us the little-known but age-old story of how our beloved Foss Hill and West College inherited their names. Last Sunday, Daniel spontaneously wrote and sent this post to the WestCo listerv to encourage residents to attend one of the weekly Monday night meetings (formally known as “guidance”). I can safely assume that he wrote this tall tale as a way to impress upon Westcovians the importance of attending guidance and commemorating the “founding” of WestCo. Read his historical account below, and you’ll surely develop a new appreciation for the small hill and the system of glum-looking two-story buildings that we all take for granted.

One evening, late in September in the year 1420B.C., a young traveler with an unknown name came with weary feet upon a hill so perfectly sloped that he could not resist the temptation to sit and relax on it. He had traveled many miles to escape his community where a butt-chugging epidemic was running rampant, and so, despite the thriving community of ostriches that occupied the hill, the traveler decided that this was where he would rest for the night. He woke the next morning with the rays of the rising sun streaming into his eyes. It was a beautiful moment, and remained so until the traveler noticed the enormous pile of ostrich poop that had accumulated on top of him over the course of the night. He sprang up and shouted, “Fuckin’ ostriches!” Liking the way the two words rang out into the crisp dawn air, our wanderer decided that his discovery would come to be known as Fuckin’ Ostrich Hill (over time the original name was lost in translation, and “Fuckin Ostrich” became “Foss”).

A Staged Reading of Henchmen, a New Screenplay

When Michael ’13 met Steve ’13 and Steve ’13, Wesleyan theater would change forever. M. Night Stevesamalan presents:

Come see a staged reading of (the second draft of) a new screenplay, “Henchmen”! The reading will start Friday at 8pm in the WestCo Lounge.

“Henchmen” is a balls-to-the-wall action comedy about two henchmen who work for a mustache-twirling supervillain. The two henchmen are Vishvajit, an Indian-American guy who is contractually obliged to talk in an exaggerated Middle Eastern accent while on the clock, and Sherwin, a slacker who never matured past his high school football glory days. And when their evil headquarters are attacked by womanizing secret agent Blaine McCabe and everyone else is captured, it’s up to these two beta-males to save the day.

Those afraid of gratuitous violence, cursing, and explosions should stay at home.

Featuring the lovely actors and actresses: Nikhil Lai, Matt Lynch, Bryce Hollingsworth, Amara Davila, Peter Cramer, Mike Dudley, Danielle Springer, Michael Firer, Christian Schneider, and Michael Matthews. Written by Michael Steves.

Time: Tonight, 8 PM
Lounge: WestCo
The Picture: Anyone know who that is????

Wesleyan Story Co-op, Part III

From Sarah Corey ’15:

Come and share “something you’ve never told anyone before (but it’s kind of boring).”

Share some true and true-ish stories. As always, mood lighting and tea will be provided.

Time: Today, 8-10 p.m.
Place: WestCo lounge
Life experience