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The WestCo Open Mic Series: Three is a Magic Number

openmicBecket Cerny ’19 writes in:

Third WestCo OPEN MIC!

Halloween is close-ish, but people prepare for that way too soon anyway…MAGIC! Bring your spunk, identity, illusion, and/or (sexual?) fantasy! What makes you and the world around you magical? What illusions do we uphold or should we take down? Convey the supernatural connection between musicians and their audience!

That said…it’s loose. Come do whatever you want.

Signups are at 8, we’ll start at 8:30. Sets limited to 5 minutes If you really can’t make it at 8, text me and I’ll put you down.


Date: Wednesday, October 14
Time: 8-10PM
Place: WestCo Cafe

Last WestCo Open Mic of the Year

11201618_10205952424945143_3988997720419981331_nFrom Will Barr ’18:

THIS IS THE LAST WESTCO OPEN MIC OF THE YEAR! Woooh! Come perform anything your heart desires one last time. THIS open mic will be hosted in the little graveyard behind WestCo 4 (on the way to the Nics);; EXCITING. Bring your blankets, towels, etc. so we can all chill. If you’ve never been to one before, consider coming to see some awesome talent.

Signups at 8 pm. Show at 8:30. If you can’t make it at 8 to sign up but still want to perform, contact Will Barr ’18 or Sahil Singhvi ’18.

Date: Wednesday, April 29
Time: 8:30-10 PM
Place: Little Graveyard Behind WestCo 4

FB event.

Westco Open Mic #2

4AlnWSgFrom Josh Davidoff ’18:

come spit your verses
play your songs
if it’s 5ive minutes or under
it belongs

signups at 8, show at 8:30

Date: Wednesday, October 1
Time: 8:30-10:30 PM
Place: Westco Cafe
Cost: your talent and/or applause

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

The Last Westco Open Mic of the Year!

This is it folks! It’s Willie’s last time hosting the Westco Open Mic. Come on down and play music, perform comedy, recite poetry, or do something else.
We will be giving away all the prizes that didn’t get given away at the previous open mics, so be sure to put your name down.
  • DATE?: Wednesday, May 7th (TONIGHT!)
  • TIME?: signups at 9:30pm, show at 10pm
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

The Westco Open Mic is back! Come do some comedy, music, poetry– all of these are acceptable! Come show off your talent or support some up and coming talented people.


One lucky performer will get to be the FEATURED PERFORMER at the next open mic! That means that if you win, you can go up whenever you want and play an extra long set at the next Open Mic!

PLUS another possibly luckier performer will receive the SPECIAL SURPRISE PRIZE!

  • DATE?: Tonight.
  • TIME?: signups @ 10, show @ 10:30
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

Westco Open Mic–TONIGHT


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

Alright people, it’s the Westco Open Mic again! Come on over to the Westco Café to show off your talent. Play a song, perform some standup, read a poem, or do something else.


One lucky performer will get to be the FEATURED PERFORMER at the next open mic! That means that if you win, you can go up whenever you want and play an extra long set! What could be better?

The answer could be the SECRET SURPRISE PRIZE! That’s the other prize!


  • TIME?: signups at 10pm, show at 10:30pm
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

Come on down to the Westco Open Mic! Lots of music and comedy and other things will be performed! THERE WILL BE PRIZES! One lucky performer will win a special guest spot at the next Westco Open Mic during which they can perform WHENEVER HE or SHE WANTS in the lineup! The other winner will win the SPECIAL SURPRISE PRIZE!

  • TIME?: signups @ 10pm, show @ 10:30pm
  • PLACE?: The Westco Café

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

It’s 2014–YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS! That’s right, The Westco Open Mic is back! Come show off your music, comedy, acts, action, or whatever! It’s an open mic, open to everyone of every age group and caliber. You should probably come.

  • DATE?: Tonight.
  • TIME?: Signups at 10pm, mic at 10:30pm.
  • PLACE?: Westco Café

The Last WestCo Open Mic of the Year


Willie Zabar ’16 has a way with words:

IT’S THE WESTCO OPEN MIC featuring the WESTCO BATTLE OF THE BANDS wherein Westco’s top bands will wow you and zow you.

But there’s more than just music!

We’ll have:

  • MATH

Come, perform, watch!

It’ll be a blast (if you know what I mean).

  • DATE?: Tonight. Wednesday, December 4th.
  • TIME?: signups @ 9:00pm, show starts @ 9:30pm
  • PLACE?: WestCo Café
  • FACEBOOK?: Here.

Westco Open Mic


Willie Zabar ’16 writes:

Come on down to the Westco Open Mic tonight! Share a song, dance, comedy routine, poem, or whatever. THERE WILL BE FREE FOOD AND PRIZES!

  • DATE?: Tonight!
  • TIME?: signups @ 9:30pm, show @ 10pm
  • PLACE?: Westco Café