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WesFest commences—along with Hill Season, Undies in Olin, and the Revenge of Chalking.

Happy WesFest! Happy prefrosh! Happy spring! Happy tenth anniversary year of Doug Bennet’s 2002 moratorium on chalking! Happy clothing optional library!

Sup, 2016? WesFest 2012 appears to be in full freakin’ swing, and the weather gods are cooperating for the first time since, like, 2009, so consider this a cheery “welcome to Wellesley” on behalf of a bunch of dorks on the internet. There’s a lot going on! As always, we advise you to head on over to the Wesleyan Propaganda Hegemony’s official WesFest calendar, but don’t look too closely if you’re a prefrosh—spend some time wandering, chillin’, foss hilling, and getting lost. There’s a lot of chaos, and the university wants you real bad (memo: you’re special), so take it all in. And don’t forget to scope out Wesleyan’s clothing optional library, which made a surprise resurgence earlier today.

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