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“The Hell, NSM?” — New Data on Representation in STEM at Wesleyan


NSM: (Natural Science and Mathematics)

With light to the recent NYT article about the 1% 17% that exists on Wesleyan’s campus, we’ve been focused on statistics. While analyzing Wesleyan’s financial assets is incredibly important and necessary to discuss class and privilege, we must also remember that there are many factors that affect student performance; the NSM Coalition—a combination of Student Underrepresented in STEM (SUSS), Wesleyan Women in Science (WesWIS), Wesleyan Mathematics and Science Scholars Program (WesMaSS), and McNair undergraduate students partnering with graduate students, staff, faculty, and administrators—collected data specifically for students in STEM, and let me tell you, they are freaking terrifying.

The percentages, collected by the Office of Institutional Research, show how class not only affects our ability to even go to Wesleyan, but also how it affects our performance: it cannot be stressed enough how important this conversation is for the Wes community.

Wesleyan Women in Science (WesWIS) Organizational Meeting

35k78yqFrom Wesleyan Women in Science:

Join WesWIS for our first event of the year! Learn about who we are and what we do, hear about the events we have planned for this semester, and eat PIZZA with some fantastic women in the sciences! We’d also love to hear all of your ideas for new activities to plan this year. People of all majors and genders welcome. We will also be looking for a couple of new steering committee members– if you want to get involved with WesWIS and event planning, now is your chance! The current members will go over how to apply at the meeting. If you plan on coming, please send an email RSVP to msnow[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

Date: Tuesday, September 27
Time: 12-1 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge (Exley 184)
Cost: Free (plus free pizza!)

WesWIS presents: Post-Graduation Panel

weswisWesWIS writes in:

Are you a graduating senior with no concrete plans for next year? Are you a junior who wants to get a jump start on your post-grad life? Come see what’s out there at the Post-Graduation Panel, hosted by Wesleyan Women in Science!

The careers of our panelists include medicine, teaching, engineering and science-related community engagement. You’ll have the opportunity to hear about each panelist’s experience, from job searching and networking to securing a position.

Come with any questions you may have about life after graduation! As always, all majors and genders are welcome. Refreshments will be provided.

Date: Thursday, April 21
Time: 7:30-8:30 PM
Place: Hall-Atwater 84

WesWIS Presents: WesCourses!

weswis coursesSophie Breitbart ’16 writes in:

Totally confused about what science courses to take? Stressed about planning your future? Like eating free food?

Come to WesCourses! We’ll discuss classes offered next semester over an informal lunch. You’ll get some great advice from science majors about courses, professors, and how to plan your college career. We anticipate all majors will be represented.

Upperclassmen are welcome to attend and give advice as well! All genders are welcome.

Please RSVP to msnow(at)wesleyan(dot)edu so we can feed you delicious treats!

Date: Friday, April 8
Time: 12-1 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys, room 114
fb event

Q&A with Columbia Neuroscientist Dr. Carol Mason

From WesWIS and the bio department:

Interested in learning about how an incredible Columbia neuroscientist navigated her career? Come to a Q&A with Dr. Carol Mason, Professor of Pathology and Cell Biology, Neuroscience, and Ophthalmic Science at Columbia University. She will be speaking about her experiences in the field and answering questions in an informal setting.

Dr. Mason is a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and Institute of Medicine, and served as President of the Society for Neuroscience (2013-2014).

Cookies will be provided! Event sponsored by WesWIS and the Biology Department.

Date: Thursday, April 7
Time: 4-5 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge (Exley)

WesWIS Science Graduate School Panel

Alex Irace ’15, the infamous cofounder of WesStuffed, writes in with an event wholly unrelated to WesStuffed. Most of the pertinent information is included in the flier, but Irace adds this as well:

Sometime next week can someone post about this Wesleyan Women in Science event? It’s occurring Monday, December 3rd, but guests have to RSVP so it would be awesome if we could have it posted at least a few days before the event.
Panel members include:
  • Richard Zeff, the Assistant Dean of Admission at Uconn’s School of Medicine
  •  Mary Keefe, Director of Admission at the Yale School of Public Health
  •  And Cheryl-Ann Hagner, Director of Graduate Student Services at Wesleyan (to talk about the BA/MA program)
  •  As well as graduate/medical students from various schools

Date: Monday, December 3
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm
Place: Albritton 103
Cost: Free, but you gotta RSVP
Holy shit: It’s December!

WesWIS Lab Tours (with MegaPoster™ Technology)!

Apologies to Alex Givner ’13 for getting this up after a couple of these have already happened; this seems like an opportune time to pull the “midterms” card. Anywho:

If you can’t really read this well, fear not – click on the image to get the poster in full size. Other than Prof. Jan Naegele‘s tour tomorrow, none of the upcoming events are until after Spring Break, so you’ve got plenty of time to carefully narrow down your choices (to all of the above). Happy lab touring!

Wesleyan Women in Science Peer Advising for Science Course Selection

WesWISTotally confused about what courses to take? Stressed about planning your future? Like eating free food?

Come to WesWIS’s course planning lunch this Friday! Get advice from upperclassmen in your science major about what courses to take!

Please RSVP to msnow(at)wesleyan(dot)edu so we can feed you delicious treats!

  • Date: Friday, Oct. 29
  • Time: Noon – 1:00 PM
  • Place: Allbritton 311