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Holiday Fundraiser for Wesleyan Friends of Africa

Kennedy Odede ’12 tells us about the WFA’s holiday fundraiser. There are lots of ways to give, so get on it!

Stressed about holiday gifts? Want to do something different this year? Give a gift that makes a difference!
The Wesleyan Friends of Africa (WFA), a student group founded by Kennedy Odede from Kibera, Kenya is having a holiday fundraiser. You can make a contribution to a cause that matters and give non-material gifts this year!

Help build a primary school in the Kibera slum!
With a minimum contribution of $7 you can give towards building a primary school in Kibera, you will get a card to give as a gift with pictures of the students on it!

Give Christmas dinner to an HIV Positive woman and her children
For $7 you can buy a good means for a woman living with AIDS and her children. These women are part of the organization SHOFCO that Kennedy founded in Kibera. You will get a card with a picture of the woman and a personal note of gratitude from this woman as well.

Buy handmade jewelery made by a woman from Kibera with HIV/AIDS
This jewelry, also made by the woman of SHOFCO, is beautiful! All proceeds go back to the women who make it. Price range $5-$10.

When: tonight ( Wed. 12/10) until 10 pm, 12/13 (Sat) from 4-10 pm, and 12/14 (Sun) from 4-10 pm
At a table in the Olin lobby