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Procrastination Destination du Jour: Coffitivity and Other Coffee-Related Things

Is it weird that I’ve bookmarked so many coffee-related websites despite the fact that I don’t drink coffee?


It’s that time of year, folks: The writers of Wesleying are bringing you our biannual Procrastination Destination feature, where we post a frenzy of addictive, pointless, and/or awesome links to help you get your procrastination on every day for all of finals (today + reading period + actual finals week). Have a link you think would be rad for Procrastination Destination? Email us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

First link in our PD lineup: Coffitivity.

Did you know that the “ambient noise of a coffee shop” can boost your creativity and productivity? Neither did I, but apparently Coffitivity knows more than us. I stumbled upon Coffitivity over a year ago and immediately spent 30 minutes playing with the coffee shop settings trying to find the right “category” of sounds. Was it Lunchtime Lounge (described as “bustling chatter of the lunchtime rush”), University Undertones (“The scholarly sounds of a campus cafe”), or something more meta, like Morning Murmur (“A gentle hum gets the day started”)?

Whatever you choose, I can promise this: You too will spend a large chunk of time trying to find the perfect setting and volume. For an app that claims to make you more productive, it might take you a little while to get to that point.

Read after the jump to see more coffee fun-ness.

Gunfire, Car Chases, and Bombs Reported in Watertown, Mass, Livetweeted by Wes Alums

Wes alums Jared Keller ’09 and Phil Ross ’12 are tweeting live as the story develops.

Police scene at MIT, via MSNBC.

Police scene at MIT, via MSNBC.

We usually stick to Wesleyan-centric news,  but it’s hard not to be alternately captivated and terrified by the news coming out of the Boston region right now, in Watertown, on MIT’s campus, and within miles of Tufts. Several hours ago, MIT posted an alert about an active shooter on campus and later reported that a campus police officer was shot and killed. Meanwhile, in nearby Watertown, there have been “reports of violence and an extremely heavy police presence,” according to NBC. Witnesses have been reporting gunfire, loud booms, and a police chase. You can listen to the Boston Police Scanner here, though it remains entirely unclear if the situation in Watertown is related to the shooting at MIT or, as some have speculated, the Boston Marathon bombings:

The situation seems to have culminated in a massive police standoff. As the Times reports:

Video Exclusive: Guy Meowing In Tree Outside Hall-Atwater

Continuing Wesleying’s Pulitzer-winning coverage of wildlife happenings on campus, we interrupt this broadcast to let you know that there is a guy meowing in a tree outside Hall-Atwater right now. Kate Gibbel ’15 frantically reports via email:

There’s a guy meowing in a tree outside of hall Atwater right now. Student in a tree, unknown duration but definitely from 11:30-12. I took the video. I’m thinking this is for social psych. It’s pretty fucking ridiculous

No word on who ze is, how ze got there, how long ze has been stationed, and whether or not this is viral promotion for tomorrow’s tea party with imaginary friends, but we’re grateful for any information you can provide. In the meantime, we’ve dutifully reported the  incident to @OverheardAtWes:

If the mystery mewoer sticks around for another five minutes, ze can translate hir concerns into chalk at today’s Massive Legal Daytime Chalk-In.

Tea Party with Imaginary Friends

Josh Katz ’16 sent us a real event submission about imaginary friends:

I will be hosting a 24 hour tea party with all my imaginary friends. Everyone should come and bring their imaginary friends. Conversation may get heavy so please no jokesters or wise guys.

Date: Saturday, October 27 – Sunday, October 28
Time: 1 pm – 1 pm
Place: Bennet Lounge
Cost: $15

Consciousness Club’s Very Last First Meeting of the Semester

In between co-teaching a student forum and driving wildly from New Jersey to Utah, Shivan Bhavnani ’13, MD is proud to present the Triumphant Return of the Consciousness Club at 10:10 pm (when else?):

At some time in the evening, we will probably be addressing the questions: What role does human-to-human communication plays in the task of consciously changing one’s perception of reality? How much of you is someone else?  Social interaction to explore the point of social interaction. There will be tea, fresh fruit, and other vegetation served.
Date: tonight, February 1
Time: 10:10 PM
Place: 215B Pine
Cost: you may be asked to orally consume “other vegetation”


What: The Silent Meeting
What???: Only Rule: No Talking
Date: Friday, 1/27/12
Time: 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Place: Meditation Room in the Chapel basement
Really? Yeah.


Happy Veteran’s Day, happy Friday, and happy 11/11/11—the 93rd anniversary of Armistice Day, the 124th anniversary of the Haymarket Affair executions, and 37th birthday of Leonardo DiCaprio (whoo!). Not that there’s any want of Wesleyan celebrations marking the visually stimulating numerical occasion: there’s the Brighter Dawns rave, which invites you to cast a wish at 11:11:11, plus Desperate Measures’ 11.11.11 improv show, plus a wild 11.11.11 Josh Smith & the Concert G’s reunion show also marking Josh Smith ’11’s 11th birthday (okay, not quite), and goodness knows what other sorts of voodoo debauchery will be taking place on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh year. So, yeah. Add to that a weekend already involving Awesomefest, 8th Day of the Week (with freaking Teebs), Brazil at the Film Series, Spirits and Sinners and Ghanian drumming concerts, and an ungodly occupation of the Shapiro Writing Center that will go to any lengths necessary to produce a magazine in the amount of time it would take you to listen the Flaming Lips’ 24 hour song twice—well, this weekend should make up for all those hours you spent fumbling with a flashlight and waiting for the heat to go back on.

But before you dress up to play tonight, the Wesleyan Organization of Corduroy Kids and Appreciators (WOCKA) urges you to consider one final 11/11/11 occasion: Corduroy Appreciation Day. The holiday, which marks the fact that 111111 totally resembles the fabric stripes, may be celebrated anywhere by all who deck out in corduroy, “the fabric of intellectuals, poets, Woody Allen.” But the indisputable center of the movement is in Manhattan, where the Corduroy Appreciation Society is throwing a party that’s been in the works since 2005. They’re looking for a supposed “Corduroy Messiah,” too—and they’re not kidding around: