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If You Want Your Event Posted to Wesleying, Read This!


YO WESLEYAN COMMUNITY (students, professors, Middletown business owners, etc.) ! If you want your event/audition/application deadline/something-like-that posted to Wesleying on time, please submit it through this form. Try to get it in a few days in advance of when said event is, and we’ll try our best to get it posted! The beginning of the year is especially busy and our inbox fills up fast, so it helps if you submit your event at least 3-4 days beforehand.

Some other efficiency tips:

1) Instead of e-mailing your flyer or event info directly to staff[at]wesleying[dot]org, it’s much easier for us to post if you instead submit that same info through the submit event form. If the form isn’t working for you, then definitely e-mail us! Alternatively, if your picture isn’t uploading through the form, you can try sizing it down to 500px in width. If that still doesn’t work, just send us a separate e-mail with your picture.

2) Please send us a picture or some kind of graphic with your post. Otherwise your post will look boring and fewer people will look at it. OR a Wesleying staff writer will choose a picture for you, which takes extra time and thus you might have a picture that is gratuitously goofy.

3) Try to keep the content of your post short. It takes a long time to format a paragraphs-long post; nobody will want to post it and nobody will read it either. Keep the extra info for a Facebook event page, which you can instead link to your Wesleying event post.