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10988295_371920129657776_100547796148107375_nFrom UCAB:

UCAB is hosting a rodeo and if you hang onto our mechanical bucking bull long enough YOU GET FREE WHEY STATION!! Longest 6 riders per hour will win a $6 coupon to Whey Station that can be redeemed April 2 between 10pm and 1am!

Date: Thursday, April 2 (TONIGHT)
Time: 8-12 AM
Place: Usdan

FB event here.


Eat to Beat Cancer with the Whey Station and Nora Cupcakes

10462928_10152465245196404_9167707872408173513_nFrom Gavriella Wolf ’15:

Like grilled cheese?
Love cupcakes?
Hate cancer?

This Friday night, the Whey Station and the Nora Cupcakes trucks are teaming up to beat cancer! They’ll be donating a percent of their proceeds to Relay For Life of Wesleyan University to benefit the American Cancer Society.

As if you needed an excuse to treat yo’self with a yummy late night snack, here it is! COME EAT GOOD FOOD! SAVE LIVES! IT’S THAT EASY!!!

Date: Friday, November 21
Time: 11 PM – 3 AM
Place: William Street (the normal Whey Station location)
Cost: about 3-8 dollars BUT IT’S SO WORTH IT

Zonker Harris Day


Zonker Harris Day is a music festival-art smorgasbord-spring time-event for all. On Saturday, April 19th, 9 bands will play in the WestCo Courtyard from 11:30 AM to ~7 PM. Specially-selected foodstuffs and art supplies will be at your disposal, and Whey station will be serving a signature Zonker sandwich in the Courtyard! WestCo will be your sandbox.

Here’s the Facebook event. Setlist and poetry after the jump!


Is the only thing missing from your photo collection a picture of yourself in antique western garb? Do you fancy mechanical animals? Do you like GRILLED CHEESE? How about free grilled cheese!? If so, come out this Thursday from 8pm-12am as we turn the USDAN cafe into a (non-alcoholic) saloon! We will have an antique photo booth, mechanical bull, and free grilled cheeses for anyone who can stay on the mechanical bull for long enough!! Oh, and did we mention these grilled cheeses will be served up by Whey Station!?? Don’t miss this magical event!!

When: April 10th, 8pm-midnight
Where: Usdan Cafe
Cost: Free .99
Face: book

In the Name of All that is Cheese Sandwiches


The Whey Station, arguably the most popular food truck on campus (who wants to tally between Whey and Falafel?) needs your help. If you’ve ever stumbled down Williams St on a weekend night looking for some cheesy comfort [gourmet] food, you should consider helping them out.

Whey Station is run by Josh and Jillian Moskites, who are husband and wife and went to college together (aw). They both love cheese and have spent over a decade in the gourmet cheese industry, which led them to the food truck business. Now they’d like help renovating their truck.

The great thing about Kickstarter is that donating gets you cool prizes; and the Whey Station promises to deliver, with MORE WHEY STATION. A $20 pledge gets you a Whey Station sticker (ya!), a sandwich, a cup of soup, and a drink. A $60 pledge gets you a *catered grilled cheese party.* The highest pledge (of $5000…) gets you a private party for 150 people, when the Whey Station will show up to your house and feed everyone.

Look how much they like Wesleyan:

Late Night, Whey Station, Ride Canceled

As the first snowpocalypse of the year continues:

  • The Ride is NOT operating.
  • Late Night is CLOSED.
  • The Whey Station says “Not looking good for tonight. Parking ban in middletown already. Spoke to the police and were told we are not allowed out with the ban. We will post a definite yes or no later.”
Whey Station and Late Night closed? FREAK OUT TIME.

Make way for the Whey Station

In October, a new food cart called Crusin’ Cafe parked itself between Beta and the Bayyit, to compete with the ever-present Mamoun’s carts. So far so good; Crusin’ Cafe is still to be found. As of last week, a third cart, called the Whey Station, has joined the scene. It’s open most nights and some days, parked on Williams Street, up the hill from Hi Rise. It serves “gourmet grilled cheese, specialty hot dogs and ‘truck-made’ soups.” Some kid gave me a bite of his sandwich last night/early this morning, and it tasted worthwhile, to say the least. More on Tuesday, courtesy of the Argus.