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The White Suns. At Eclectic. Noise. Delicious.


What: The White Suns (w/ Dana Matthiesen ’09) Satanized and The New Flesh
WhereWhen: Eclectic, this Friday “at 9pm.”
More Specifically What: You can check Facebook or Auralwes for more scholarly information about this show, but here’s what I think:

“I was even going for the exploding nova sound. I once thought at some depth what a nuclear bomb would sound like in close proximity, and I concluded it would be so overwhelming it wouldn’t be heard, but would simply be all encompassing, beyond-imaginable experience. I think I was so affected by the idea of what such sound would feel like, and that it was so technological, that I wandered into the arena of attempting to produce and generate a sound that would be so overwhelming, that it would create a silence all its own. Its sheer volume would be so overwhelming, the only way it would be physically heard, would be “through it”, rather than outside of it. Put it another way, it would be more of a subjective experience, rather than an objective experience, or more definitive (or divinely, as you prefer). The experience of the listener would place them in the realm of being with it, as part of its presence, and the only way to hear the music in it, would be to be within it. Otherwise outside of it, it could probably have a pretty high level of offensiveness to it, by way of the various arguments of decibel levels and all that hoopla.” –Randy Holden

Read: Be in it.