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BREAKING: Wesleyan’s Campus Is Officially Haunted

Just in time for your halloween festivities, the University has come out with a pretty hilarious and wonderful video of reported paranormal activity at Russell House. I, for one, will definitely be looking under all of the bathroom stalls when I go see Professor Lisa Cohen read at the English Majors’ open mic tonight at 6 PM.

Although the Thames Society of Paranormal Activity has already determined that there IS some sort of ghoulish haunting, my personal opinion is that it’s time to bring in the Ghost Busters. On that note, is it too late to submit a thesis film idea?

Anyway, leave a comment with potential candidates for the Ghost of Russell House. All the slaughtered animals Professor Gruen does her research on? Perhaps it’s Moaning Myrtle’s American cousin Wailing Wesley? Or who knows. Maybe I am the ghost of Russell House…

Film Series: Ghostbusters

1984. USA. Dir: Ivan Reitman. With Bill Murray, Harold Ramis. 105 min.

Paranormal activity is on the rise in New York and an ancient god of destruction is threatening to stage his big comeback in an upscale high-rise. Who are YOU gonna call? Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Ernie Hudson, and the late Ramis team up to defend humanity against ghosts, slime, and something you’d think could never, ever possibly destroy us.

Tonight / 8 p.m. / Goldsmith Family Cinema / $5