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First WILD Wes Meeting

In case your idea of a good freshman year at college includes an explanatory phone call home regarding the words “Gone Wild,” Nate Dolton-Thornton ’15 has the hook up.

WILD Wes (Working for Intelligent Landscape Design at Wesleyan) — the people building the permaculture garden in the WestCo courtyard — will be having its first meeting this Thursday in Earth House (195High St.) at 8:30! If you are interested in hearing more about who and what WILD Wes and permaculture are, and/or maybe getting involved in either the student group or this semester’s student forum, please stop on by. There are things to do and plants to plant however you want to be involved!

Date: Thursday, September 6
Time: 8:30
Place: Earth House (159 High St.)
Cost: One exotic native plant

For more on recent WILD Wes happenings, check out this post.

WILD WestCo Final Design Presentation

Want to know what the WestCo courtyard will look like in the years to come?

From the current layers of compost, biochar, cardboard, and mulch will emerge an Eden of wildflowers, berry bushes, fruit trees, and rain gardens.

Come to the WestCo lounge on Thursday (Dec 8th) night at 9 PM, where the WILD Wes studio design forum will show off the final design, which will begin implementation in the spring. These permacuties will do a brief presentation of their implementation plan (water feature, mangaement, planting, etc.), which is sure to be AMAZING, informative, and sexy as hell.

This presentation is, of course, open to the entire Wesleyan community.

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