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Breaking: Luna Moth Found Outside SciLi

Apparently there is a world outside of SciLi, and it’s rich with wildlife sightings. Put down your Orgo textbook and set aside the annotated bibliography: Jessica Titlebaum ’14 has breaking news:

This Luna moth was found outside SciLi this morning! Will most likely rest here until night time when it will seek out a female. What a beautiful sighting.

Here’s another angle of the Luna moth. In semi-related Wesleyan wildlife news, the mysterious Wes Squirrels Facebook has become impressively active this month in the wake of the Great Sam Lyons ’12 Squirrel/Vulture Affair of 2012. Squirrels’ Facebook interests include “finding your acorn,” “eating acorns,” and “tree  climbing.” Here’s a small gallery of recent squirrel sightings, many of which appeared originally on the University’s photo Tumblr. In most photos, the squirrel is not being picked apart by a fucking vulture. (I didn’t take these photos; I’m just scrolling through the squirrel’s tagged photos.)

[nggallery id=144]

PS: If anyone spots the LoRise possum (or hir Exley friend), give hir a hand with hir social media presence. It’s lacking.

PPS: This is probably an appropriate time to remind you to follow @common_squirrel on the Twitbook.