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Debt to Die With

With all this talk about rankings and all the fire that for-profit schools have come under recently, Gawker decided to try and rank the ‘real’ colleges whose students have amassed the most debt.  They took total debt, which made bigger schools come out on top, giving NYU a not-so-surprising win.

But what about Wesleyan? What about debt per student, which is probably a better measure in the first place? We’ve always know that Wesleyan is an expensive place to go to, with one of the highest tuitions and comprehensive costs in the nation, but let’s take a look at the debt burden it places on the students.  The “Median Federal Debt for Those Entering Repayment” for Wesleyan was $11,384.

Estimated Repayment Rates by Institution -- FY 2009 Wesleyan and Comparable Institutions

Yes, Wesleyan’s $11,384 median looks meager compared to NYU’s behemoth of $28,649 (which isn’t even the highest).  But what about comparable institutions? Our Little Three ‘frenemies’ Williams and Amherst have nearly identical medians at about $7,700 (are they even distinguishable schools anymore?), over $3,500 less than us.  Nearby Connecticut College, however, has a similar if higher load.  Vassar, who we seem to be compared to a lot, is also essentially similar to us in Median Federal Debt.  Our “Estimated Repayment Rate” is lower than any of our peers though.

The source information comes from the US Department of Education’s ED.gov, which has other useful information.  Click here for the relevant statistics directly from them.  Click here for Gawker’s Top Ten Universities for Student Debt.

Sorry for the awfully Argus-y post.

Wes ranks #12 in U.S. News Liberal Arts Colleges

They keep on comin’.  In the past couple of weeks, we’ve been flooded with college rankings coming out.  They mean so little yet so much.  The Princeton Review and Forbes might have their rankings, but the most popular ones, from the U.S. News and World Report have arrived.

U.S. News and World Report Wesleyan 2010

We come in 12th, tied with Vassar, in the Liberal Arts Rankings.  The U.S. News & World Report rankings reflect more recent admissions statistics than Forbes used, such as our acceptance rate being 22% (that’s us 2013).  We ranked #13 last year in the 2010 rankings, going up a spot this year.  Read the page about Wesleyan there to see what they made of us and our several “sororities on campus.”  It’s quite a unique portrayal of student life at Wesleyan.

U.S. News & World Report Liberal Arts best Value Wesleyan

On the list of Best Values for Liberal Arts Colleges we ranked #20, with almost 15% more students at #1 value Amherst receiving need-based aid.  The average discount from total cost at Amherst was also almost 15% higher than at Wes.