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Reminder! Senior Class Wine and Cheese

Welcome Back Reception for the Class of 2012 in the Daniel Family Commons
Join us as we kick off our last spring semester at Wes! Enjoy wine & hors d’oeuvres courtesy of Megan Norris ’83. Mingle, catch up, have a toast with Dean Whaley & learn more about the Seniors of Wesleyan Annual Gift (SWAG).

Please consider making a donation to SWAG—all funds go toward a scholarship for one member of the Class of 2016. As we strive to meet our goal of $15,000, every dollar matters. Donate at the event or now at give.wesleyan.edu
Date: Tonight, 1/27/11
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Place: Daniel Family Commons

Discussion on French politics today

Do you know little more about France than that it churns out lots of wine, cheese, and Airbus jets? Do you want to know more about the upcoming French elections? Well, you’re in luck. Maya Bery ’08 sends us this:

On Sunday, France goes to the polls to choose between Nicolas Sarkozy and Ségolène Royal. Two contenders. Arguments about immigrants, race, the EU, and the economy abound. He’s been accused of wanting to be like George Bush, she scored big points for looking hot in a bikini at age 53. It’s France, what else can you say?

Professor Nathanael Greene will talk about the election, its import to France, and why it matters for you.

Date: Thursday, May 3
Time: 4:15 PM
Place: Romance Languages Dept. (300 High St.)

Arabic Night and Wine and Cheese

I’ve heard that Wine & Cheese is in Up 4 tonight, but I’m not sure. In either case, just stand in the Westco courtyard and follow your ears.

As of five minutes ago, they are setting up a tent in the Butts courtyard. A little birdie told me there will be Sudanese food, hookah, and mint tea later tonight. When “later” means, I’m not sure, but I’m guessing around 8:00pm.

Wine & Cheese, and some quick notes

Wine and Cheese is in Up 3Up 1 tonight.

So campus is getting really busy, and there’s no possible way that Holly and I can cover everything that’s going on. That said, if you’re on the list of contributors (i.e. all you people on the list at the top right of this page!), please try to throw something up here once in a while. Once in a while being, like, once a week? Two weeks? We hate deadlines, but if you see something fun and quasi-relevant to Wes, do post.

To the readers: If you have an event/sighting/mischief and want us to post it here, e-mail us at wesleying(at)gmail.com and we’ll probably throw it on the site. More importantly, some, uh, real life name-dropping would be cool, too. Like if this coming Saturday your friends are like,

Friends: “Yo, Reader, what’s going on today?”
You: “There’s the LoTR extended edition marathon at Alpha Delt, an Outhouse camping trip, apple picking at High Hill Orchards, a bike ride to Wadsworth Falls, a Smash Brothers Melee tournament in the Nic lounge, smoothies at Well Being House and Heart Play(s) in the ’92.”
Friends: “Wow, Reader, you’re so sexyinformed! How did you know about all that?”

…You get the picture.

Thursday night report

The first for-real Wine and Cheese (otherwise known as vino y queso, vin et fromage, chine and weese, or movie night) of the year is tonight! 9:13 in Up 2. For the frosh, wine and cheese is a Wes tradition that takes place every Thursday night in a different room in Westco. It is characterized by a lot of wine and not a lot of cheese. Throughout the year, variations sometimes occur, such as Tequila and Tortillas or Beer and Bread; the most strange of these I’ve had the pleasure to attend was an event called Whiskey and Bacon. But I digress. Wine and Cheese. Be there.

Afterwards at 10:30 is Schmooze with the Jews at the Bayit. I’ve been told there will be ice cream. Mmm.