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Parents Talk: Winter Break Controversy ’12/’13

We’re now four weeks into break with one left to go. As a senior back on campus, I can tell you it seems a lot of people have found excuses to come back early. Is break too long, or does it offer the optimal amount of time to get a job, an internship, work on one’s thesis, or do something else productive? Regardless of how you feel, your parents sure have opinions. Some gems from the “parents_talk” listserv:

“At this moment we Californians are blessed with a relaxing, sunny (as in no snow) riotous (bumpy backroad stand-up-in-the-jeep) vacation with our daughter who is also preparing for her upcoming “internship” when we return to the Bay Area. It couldn’t be sweeter. That said, in speaking to her about the viewpoints expressed here, she’d gladly “trade” several winter break days for a couple of extended weekends with no classes to get on top of the voluminous workload at school…just because she loves it so much!!” – P’15

“If you live in a rural college town that is also dormant for part of Wes’s break, there are no museums open. Many local businesses also close. The local college kids sew up any internships, via long-standing program relationships. Sleeping, movies, reading, and walks are fine for a few weeks, as is visiting, but eventually sibs and high school friends head back to school. And the Wes kid – is – still – on – break. It’s like waiting for Godot.” – P’15

“My daughter works SO hard on her double majors at Wes that she both needs and benefits from the downtime over winter break. I know she is going back re-charged and ready to give her best for the spring semester and have no problem with the well deserved rest.” – P’?

“The time away has afforded my son the opportunity to experience unique travel and service programs related to his life and learning at Wes. He is currently in Africa, and is working with the people in rural areas, as well as with the small businesses looking to launch successful entrepreneurial ventures. I think this is an important part of his learning experience.” – P’14

Also of note, Roth mentioned “thinking now about new January programs” in his latest blog post. Read past the jump for more thoughts from our parents. Also, as always, please share your thoughts in the comments section.

Michael Roth Finds Self in Asia, Hints at “New January Programs”

Yes, that’s President Roth chilling in Korea’s Namsan Park with William Choi ’89. According to the @WesConnected Twitter, Roth is wandering through Asia between now and January 18 on a mission to find himself meet with “alumni and friends” for official Wesleyan business purposes:

You can follow along with Roth’s visit at this Facebook album, which also includes an image of Roth meeting with the Wesleyan Korea (WesKo) alumni group for a discussion of how Wesleyan can “continue to strengthen its global network, raise its visibility among prospect students in Korea, and make curricular advances while working in a more sustainable model.” Apparently more Presidential Receptions are planned in Seoul, Beijing, Hong Kong and Bangkok. If you live in one of these cities, please go to one of these events and then send us a selfie with Michael Roth.

In other Roth Dog news, the president’s latest blog post comments on Wesleyan’s impossibly long winter breaks and hints at possible plans for “new January programs” that could definitely get in the way of your day-long Boys Meets World Netflix marathons: 

Espwesso’s Last Stand

espwesso night

Espwesso fanboy Jacob Eichengreen ’13 invites you to come out and get coffee before Espwesso closes for break:

Heyo, your favorite cafe will be open tonight  (9pm-1am), closing for break tomorrow. Look for us next semester with new and improved coffees, events, and all sorts of other neat things that you will like and stuff!

Here’s a .gif for the post!

Date: Thursday, December 13
Time: 9:00 pm – 1:00 am
Place: Espwesso
Cost: Depends.

Housing Closing Pushed Back a Day

From Stacey M. Phelps, Assistant Director of Residential Life:

Due to the potential of a significant snow storm on Sunday, December 19th, we have decided to close student residences at noon on Monday, December 20, 2010.  We encourage you to leave before Sunday if your travel plans allow; but if you are unable to, you may stay in your residence until noon on Monday, December 20, 2010.  Please note that there will not be additional shuttles scheduled for Monday, December 20, 2010.

If you have any questions, please contact our office at reslife(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or 860-685-3550.

Textbook Tip

Another new semester, another huge bill for textbooks… Usually I don’t use Wesleying to promote stuff, but I have saved a lot of money and time by using a website that does the textbook comparison shopping for you, bigwords.com.  You don’t buy books from the website itself, it searches Amazon, Barnes and Noble and all the other bookstore websites to find the best deal (including shipping, coupons, etc.).  It saves your searches and directs you at the end to the cheapest deals for new and used books.  I saved over $120 on one textbook alone.  I think I’m (almost) ready for activities more intellectually taxing than analyzing Jersey Shore, hope you are all too!

Winter Break Transportation

Shuttles will be available again for Winter Break. To reserve your seat, go to the box office by Friday December 18. You must purchase all tickets by then, including those for the trip back to Wes.


Due to student demand, there will be shuttles to New York City going to both Penn Station and Grand Central Station. Also available are shuttles to South Street Station in Boston, Union Station in New Haven, and Bradley Airport.

And don’t forget to check the Rideboard. You can find it under the “Student Life at Wesleyan” section in your ePortfolio. On the Rideboard you can find rides offered by other students, request a ride, or offer rides yourself.

For complete details regarding each shuttles’ costs and departure days and times, check out the WSA blog.

Wish you were in Mexico?

Well, here’s the next best thing. WeSquash (good one, Shona) is in the midst of a weeklong trip to Puerto Vallarta (through the 14th), and both teams have collaborated on a daily online trip log, including pictures. Check it out here.

Who says television isn’t educational?

Those of you who read the Wayside School trilogy likely remember Mrs. Jewls’ belief that if her students learned three new things every day, they would eventually learn everything there is to know. Here at Wesleying, we heartily endorse that belief as part of our efforts to combat winter break brain rot. So without further ado, we present not three, not four, but five(!) facts of our own:

The first and last clips are from my own tapes; the middle two are from YouTube. Also, the second clip is not from Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?, but its significantly lamer successor, Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?

And to those of you fretting about the GPA carnage of last semester, this should make you feel much, much better about yourselves.

[EDIT] Whoops. I didn’t realize you couldn’t view a private embedded video. Problem solved.

[/edit by Ben, 2:25 PM]

Dinnertime heads-up: Red & Black Café

For anyone still on campus and planning on having a delicious dinner at Red & Black Café, beware: your options are limited. They’ve got no soups and no grill, so basically you can get a turkey or tuna sandwich.

Also, they will not be open as scheduled tomorrow, due to the impending snowstorm.