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Wesleyan Electronics Collective

Ever get frustrated because there are so few classes at Wesleyan that teach you to actually make things? Now’s your chance to unfrustrate yourself. Brendan O’Connell ’08 sends word:
The Wesleyan Electronics Collective will hold its first meeting this Friday, 5pm at Eclectic. Our first project (which we’ll be building at this meeting) will be an electronic noisemaker based on a digital chip that can output six squarewave oscillator tones simultaneously, with a built-in speaker and a 1/4″ output so it can be hooked up to an amplifier.
We’ll teach everyone how to build one, let people build different prototypes with different settings, and finally, house it in any sort of case they want. Particularly cool case example: Link
All supplies will be provided at no cost, and everyone will get to take home a finished product of their own design, thanks to the SBC. Only 20 slots are available, however, so if you are interested you should RSVP to boconnell@wez AND dchoi@wez to be guaranteed a spot, or show up the day of if they just want to watch or grab the spot of someone who doesn’t show up.”